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What climate type is found in Los Angeles and describe its major characteristics?

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A Mediterranean atmosphere. Clarification: Los Angeles is named a warm Mediterranean atmosphere. A Mediterranean atmosphere is a particular kind subtropical atmosphere portrayed by a dry summer, with a stormy season in the winter, and moderate changes in temperature between the seasons (you won\'t require a winter coat). The mid-year months in LA are ordinarily sweltering and extremely dry (it typically doesn\'t rain amid the late spring and temperatures surpass Winter months are mellow and snow is fantastically uncommon anyway temperatures ordinarily fall underneath solidifying on no less than one night out of every year. Notwithstanding the way that winter is LA\'s blustery season, LA midpoints just 15 inches (381 millimeters) of precipitation every year (to place things in context the normal yearly precipitation for all US urban areas is 30.2 inches [767 millimeters]).

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