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What Is the Best way to revise for science ?

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Yunus SharifMedical Physicist - Imperial College London and Fully Qualified Teacher17.5k students helped

While there are a number of ways of revising for science, some which really helped my especially in the final few weeks are: 1) going through past paper questions - this will allow you to appreciate the type and style of questions 2) the topics you feel least confident with, use a revision guide to make notes on that topic - I find note making a long and arduous process, but for topics that you want to gain traction, this is a good method 3) create an equation sheet and memorise all the equations - while some will be given to you, it is time consuming trying to find them. by learning them you will also know when to apply them 4) get someone to test you from a revision guide - this is a good way of ensuring you have a good understanding got the topic and gives you confidence 5) go over all of the required practicals - the exams love to test students understanding of scientific practicals. make sure you know the equipment used, the readings that should be taken and also the conclusions. Hope that helps... let me know how it goes ๐Ÿ‘Š