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How long will it take me to learn basic spanish?

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Answered May 20Spanish
Cristina Rodriguez ParadaNative Spanish tutor with more than 9 year in Education5 students helped

This depends on many factors. For example, if you live at the foreign country where the language is spoken, you will have more access to listening. I would recommend to be as exposed as possible to the targeted language. Change you phone language, what TV with subtitles and then without them, listen to Spanish radio stations. All those things will help to make you more fluent in less time.

Answered Apr 20Spanish
Fatima RajinaI am very passionate about teaching and have been a qualified teacher since 2011111 students helped

It really depends and this is a difficult question to answer! It is also important to consider how much time you will dedicate to learning the language, paying attention to accumulating vocabulary, etc.

Answered Mar 20Spanish
Benjamin MansourEnthusiastic tutor by day and UCL medic by night!151 students helped

Hi! This is really impossible to say to be honest. Depends on how you define basic, how committed you are and how you are learning. I'd say with a tutor, you can learn basic vocabulary in just a few lessons. To be able to hold a basic conversation took me studying A-level, as you need to hear conversations regularly. Thanks!

Answered Sep 18Spanish
Juan A-WWant to learn Spanish in your free time?6 students helped

Dear Maisam, speed of learning depends on various things like: which languages do you know, your discipline and your motivations, amongst several others. Say if you take it as a weekly hobby you will notice significant progress every 4 or so months. If you are interested let me know, I teach through Skype on evenings and weekends and we can start with a free taster session.

Answered Jun 18Spanish
Da Wa6hak ndkabe t w43 students helped

Basic Spanish such as names for dog, cat, and simple sentences such as “I’d like to buy a drink” (essentially high school knowledge) would take around a year to two years to learn, approximately.