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Asked by Ellie

How would I describe a photo of a football match with a footballer in spanish🇪🇸🧡x?

You should describe everything we can see and guess from the picture. -Talk about the background (hay mucha gente sentada be las grades) talk about what we can see on the left and on the right (hay una portería/ hay un banquillo/ hay gente). -Talk about the weather (creo queue es un día de verano porque hace mucho sol/ hace buen tiempo; es un día horrible porque llueve). - Talk about the people you can see closer, a footballer in these case (lleva una camiseta y unos pantalones cortos de color rojo, también lleva unas botas de futbol negras) and what you can guess from it (parece cansado ). - Last, talk about your feeling (me gusta mucho esta foto porque me recuerda a mi equipo favorito)

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Cristina Rodriguez Parada

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Use “PALME” - Person - Hay un futbolista - Action - Está jugando en un partido - Location - En el Estadio Camp Nou en Barcelona - Mood (weather, etc.) - Está sonriendo, hace sol - Extra (e.g. clothes) - Lleva una camiseta roja y azul

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Isabelle Cooke

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It depends on what context the image is given to you in and asked if you to describe. For example: If this was to describe what is happening you would have to analyse the picture and describe the events that are taking place what you can see is happening. Or, if it was asked of you to describe the mood in the picture you would comment on the emotions that the footballer is feeling. Has he just scored a goal? Does the picture portray victory, relief or has he missed the goal and therefore would portray disappointment. There are many ways this could be answered just not easy without seeing the picture and full question. Feel free to message

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Paige Walker

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