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Asked by Janet

High-achievers, what are your study habits/tips?

Before I went off to university, my dad gave me a tip. "Treat it like a job. Hit the books Monday through Friday 9-5. Work in the library, not your room or apartment. Don't miss a class. Work ahead during those 40 hours." I followed his advice to the letter. I never had to pull an all-nighter. I didn't have to cram for exams. I never got very stressed, despite attending a competitive university and completing a difficult degree.

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Mujavid Bukhari

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Personally my best study habit was that whenever I sat down to try work I used my phone as a timer, and would set the timer for 40 minutes. This way I can’t go on my phone and after the 40 minutes I would take about a 10 minute break then would restart again. It’s really important you get breaks in and when you sit down to study you actually study and not wonder off into procrastination. Also give yourself small rewards. Eg if you meet your quota of revising two/three hours today treat yourself to whatever you enjoy be it ps4 or football etc If you do not meet your quota then be disciplined upon yourself and make sure you get your work done before you enjoy those treats.

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Yassin Ahmed

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