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Asked by Janet

High-achievers, what are your study habits/tips?

Water and stretching! 10 minutes loosening up literally creates space in your body to take in more information. Water keeps your head glued on too. Remember to keep up a good exercise routine for all of those endorphins to power you on. Extra tip - set timers to work 20 minutes on, 10 minutes off. Changes the game! Extra, extra tip (don’t tell anyone!) - read a small handful of your notes just before you go to sleep. Your brain has a magic absorbent power overnight. Trust me.

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Isabella Brownson

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Before I went off to university, my dad gave me a tip. "Treat it like a job. Hit the books Monday through Friday 9-5. Work in the library, not your room or apartment. Don't miss a class. Work ahead during those 40 hours." I followed his advice to the letter. I never had to pull an all-nighter. I didn't have to cram for exams. I never got very stressed, despite attending a competitive university and completing a difficult degree.

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Mujavid Bukhari

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Personally my best study habit was that whenever I sat down to try work I used my phone as a timer, and would set the timer for 40 minutes. This way I can’t go on my phone and after the 40 minutes I would take about a 10 minute break then would restart again. It’s really important you get breaks in and when you sit down to study you actually study and not wonder off into procrastination. Also give yourself small rewards. Eg if you meet your quota of revising two/three hours today treat yourself to whatever you enjoy be it ps4 or football etc If you do not meet your quota then be disciplined upon yourself and make sure you get your work done before you enjoy those treats.

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Yassin Ahmed

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What is Q&A on Scoodle?

At Scoodle we understand that everyone learns in a different way. Some people learn through practice, using essays and notes; others prefer video lessons to watch and learn, some just need help with a specifically hard question, while some learn best 1-on-1 tutoring sessions. At Scoodle we cater for all types of learning styles and needs. From GCSE Maths video lessons to A-level English essays and specialist educators in every subject - we’ve got you covered.

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Sheena Hanley

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Experienced tutor for adults & children - Currently tutoring online

Tutoring in English, History and Art! - Currently tutoring online! Qualifications: • MA (in progress) in Creative Writing • BA (Hons) English Language and Literature with Creative Writing • TEFL – in 120 hours Teaching English Teaching Experience • 6 Years • Across 4 countries worldwide • Classroom and interactive lessons • Structured lesson plans, assessments. • English & Swimming Tutor Experience • 2 year • English & Creative Writing Profile I have developed my early working path around a well founded work ethic and excellent client relations over my years in professional roles. I have 8 years professional experience across 5 sectors, including 5 years Teaching and 1 year in Journalism. During my professional career I have taught for two companies, across four centres providing me with an abundance of experience working with children and a deep understanding of learning techniques. Additionally I also have an understanding of the importance of relaying information to parents regarding progress to make sure all parties are up to date and in sync to a common goal. Other teaching experience includes having had the opportunity to teach English in three countries across the world as a TEFL English teacher. Aside from teaching English & Creative writing, professionally I create content for businesses in the form of social media content, articles, newsletters etc and teach aquatics. My strength in teaching lie within initially building a strong report with a child, from there I can then determine their strengths and weaknesses to focus my tuition on areas they are in need. To do this my method of teaching includes gently pushing academic boundaries to expand on their current knowledge whilst keeping the lessons informative and interesting. Outside of my professional life I am a family oriented person who regularly spends time volunteering for different charities.

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