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How can i study best for math?

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Answered Jul 20Study Skills
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Dan RitchieUndergraduate at Warwick Mathematics Institute189 students helped

As one of my lecturers is always reminding us “maths is not a spectator sport”. The best way to learn maths is to do it. Start of by working through an example, then ask yourself how everything in the question fits together. Next, practice other examples, increase difficulty etc.

Answered Mar 20Study Skills
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Zahra Ahmed Experienced Tutor and Postgraduate Law Student at City, University of London49 students helped

Hello. The best way to study maths is the following method: 1) Firstly, you need to write down and work through some examples. This can be from a Maths textbook, or a good online resource like BBC Bitesize, or videos from e.g. Physics and Maths Tutor or Maths Online. When writing down these examples, try and add some extra notes or steps to help you understand how the answer was worked out. Try to note down as many examples as possible, and work through the increasingly difficult examples, from different resources. 2) Once you have done this you need to practise. Practise questions from a textbook ideally. If you find a question difficult, it is important that you have a go. Most of the learning is in trying. Also write down your working out in full. Once you have tried your best, mark your work in a different coloured pen, and see if you can work out how to get to the answer for some of the questions you couldn't do. 3) Practise Past Paper Questions. Past paper questions are very important because they often combine different maths topics together, and help to show you the real level of difficulty you can get in the exam. Questions in the exam are very different to questions you get in school or in a textbook. Hope that helps. Good luck! If you are looking for a maths tutor (I also do online tutoring) please do get in touch. :)

Answered Jan 19Study Skills
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Zeba ChowdhuryScience Teacher1.5k students helped

In general the best way to study or improve in maths is through completing practice questions/ problems or past paper questions. You should identify topics that you’re struggling with. This can be from a a recent mock or test where you have scored low on particular questions on a given topic. Make a list of these topics and carry out some focussed revision on this. Take a topic eg. Inequalities and work through examples from textbooks, YouTube or websites where the approach to answering such questions is explained. Alternatively this could be through a tutor also. Then gather lots of exam or practice questions ranging from easy to difficult and have a go at it. Make sure you check the answers to find out if you are right. Continue with this method with other topics and you should find that over time you will become more confident in maths. Good luck