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How do I stop procrastinating and get into a revision schedule? I want one that I can keep up with and not throw away after a week or so due to the amount of sheer work and stress I get from the schedule. Please help!?

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The best thing to do is to make a schedule you can stick to and incentivise yourself. For example half an hour a day and when you finish you watch a TV programme you like or do a hobby as a way of rewarding yourself. Start small as well your better off working your way up to lots of revision over time but starting with just a half hour or an hour a day. If you need a hand making a revision schedule send me a message :))

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Do you have a hobby? Or something you enjoy doing? Do more of that. It might sound weird but we tend to procrastinate when studying is the only thing on our mind. We often think we have the whole day to study so it’s easy for us to waste time. If you did more of something else, (play a sport or a musical instrument) and make a strict timetable of when you will do it, you will naturally feel the need to actually β€˜make time’ to study instead of wasting time. Hope that makes sense:) Also, don’t just make a weekly schedule. Keep a daily to-do list as well. Feels good to cross things off ;) good luck

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To stop procrastinating the best thing to do is get started with the EASIEST part of the thing you NEED to do. Just thinking about it overwhelms you with dread/fear & makes you procrastinate. The solution is to promise yourself only to try the easiest first steps e.g. If this means just opening a word browser - just do that. An alternative is promising yourself your only going to work for 5 minutes. This tricks your emotions into letting you start (the hardest part). If you fail, DON'T beat yourself up or feel bad, feel happy you accomplished 5 minutes, then try again. Hopefully once you start, this will make things much easier to carry on. This also doesn't mean doing less important things to seem 'busy'. The other trick to keep going is try & have a 30 minute power nap for every 4 hours of work (or whenever you feel unproductive). Your mind wakes up fresh, ready to study.

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Hi ,I think the best way to tackle this to set a strict revision plan day by day 1 hr of English literature 1hr of maths etc.. there are many available online just type revision plan template into google search . be strict with yourself! x

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