How many hours should you spend at using at using after all on a week daily basis as a yr 11?

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Your question isn’t so clear, do you mean how long should you spend revising each day in year 11?

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Asked by Rafsan

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Why do bees make honey?

Their way of reproduction

Ok in school we are doing geometry (angles) the question is to find the missing measures of the angl...

That depends on what information you have on said triangle. What doe sthe exercise give you?

Asked by Hamza

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How do you get work experience in marketing or sales?

It depends what stage you're at. You could work in retail or try and get an internship or shadowing opportunity at a big business firm. An apprentic...

Asked by Ellouise

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I am doing revision and I’m not sure how to revise properly and remember it I have a notepad that I ...

I know the feeling! Don’t worry you aren’t alone πŸ™‚ You need to figure out how you learn best. For me personally: 1. I make notes from my notes, bec...

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