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Asked by Anuva

How should i revise for assessments? please help😓?

If the subject has a lot of detailed content to cover, I find that creating a mind map is very useful. It helps organise your information and also condense it all onto one page. This may relieve you when you see you can fit it all into one space and seem less overwhelming :)

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Katharine Rose Ashley Easter

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Hi Anuva, One of the best ways of revising is using retrieval practice (testing yourself). You can do this in a number of ways, for example, using flashcards, explaining a topic to a friend/family member and getting them to ask you more questions, using past papers, taking quizzes on websites such as Quizlet or Seneca. Are you able to share which subjects you’re studying for so that I can provide further suggestions? Best of luck with your assessments. 🙂

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Hannah Ravenhall

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One acronym you might find beneficial to follow: R ~ Revise ALL notes thoroughly M ~ Memorise key points Q ~ Questions! Don't be afraid to ask question on points you're unsure about or find really challenging.

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Khadijah Naeem

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Stay organised by making timetables and planning how you will allocate your time in preperation for assesments. Use this allocated time to make resources that you can reuse such as flashcards. Audio notes can be useful, as they can be used again and again, and then test yourself on these notes. Revisiting past papers can be very useful also and give you a better idea of what might come up on your assesment.

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Jamie Bingham

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Memorise all your notes and important formulas

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Dark Assassin Pro

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