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Asked by Belal

Ive got maths test tomrrow morning, havnt revised, what do i do?

As a test technique I would advise the first thing you do is flick through the test paper and see what questions you may be ok with, focus on answering just them at first to maximise your mark and not spend too long worrying about the things you didn’t revise. Of course you can have a crack at the other questions once you’ve got the ones you’re confident with done should you have time. You maybe hesitated to stay up late and revise however if you get a lack of sleep this may negatively impact you. However if you wake up an hour or so earlier than you usually do and get as much revision done as you can before the test, therefore everything you take in will be fresh on your memory! All the best, hope you smash it. Let me know either way. 😀

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Andrew Mckenna

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