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Asked by محمد

Learning language is very hard for me , why?

Perhaps, it is because you are not familiar with the language itself. But I am sure that with practice and persistence you will be able to learn a language. There are different ways to learn a new language- these include making flash cards to learn a language and if possible, a tutor would also be of major help. Visiting the country in which the language you are learning would also facilitate in your practical skills of speaking the language. I may be of further help if you could indicate which language you are trying to learn. Wish you all the best!

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Misbah Iqbal

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What is Q&A on Scoodle?

At Scoodle we understand that everyone learns in a different way. Some people learn through practice, using essays and notes; others prefer video lessons to watch and learn, some just need help with a specifically hard question, while some learn best 1-on-1 tutoring sessions. At Scoodle we cater for all types of learning styles and needs. From GCSE Maths video lessons to A-level English essays and specialist educators in every subject - we’ve got you covered.

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Emily Whitmore

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Oxford grad student and highly resourceful tutor with 12 years of experience.

I’m a sought-after tutor with twelve years of teaching and tutoring experience in Canada, the United Kingdom, Jamaica, Czech Republic, Bahrain, and Ghana. I taught at a private school in Bahrain for six years, and for four of those years I was an IBDP Literature/IBDP Language and Literature teacher whose students not only achieved some of the best results in the school, but achieved results that often exceeded IB world averages. With my experience as an IB teacher, tutor, and examiner, I’m highly attuned to the requirements and expectations of the IB programme; I have a well-rounded understanding from the vantage points of teacher and assessor. I’m in possession of excellent IB materials, resources, and exemplars. Many students have earned 6s and 7s under my tutelage. I can transfer this knowledge and expertise to A-level and GCSE tutoring as well. I’m familiar with 11+ entrance exams and have extensive experience preparing students of all ages for different standardised tests. I instil lifelong study skills in my students. As a certified SAT Associate Supervisor who has administered and invigilated over ten sessions, I have expert knowledge on SAT preparedness, content, time management, and essay writing. I've helped numerous students with their UCAS applications, university interview preparation, and personal statements. For those who are English language learners, I have considerable experience teaching English as a second/foreign language. I’ve prepared students for the IELTS and I’ve helped numerous students in Canada and Czech Republic (of varying levels of English proficiency) with conversational English, grammar instruction, and speaking/listening/writing/reading activities. I’m committed to my pupils’ academic excellence by encouraging their intellectual curiosity. My teaching style fosters independent inquiry, and I pride myself on my passionate, engaging, student-led lessons that empower pupils to take ownership of their learning. I encourage my students to analyse and think critically, and my ultimate goal is to provide students with the analytical tools to continue their studies independently with confidence and conviction.

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Fatma Osman

Online lessons

‘Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.’

I have a very unique way of teaching and that is ‘the training of the mind to think’. As I specialise in English Literature and language, ‘training the mind to think’ is crucial and allows students to think outside the box, exploring avenues that may have never been explored before. This is seen in my success rates of tutoring throughout the years, in subjects such as English literature and language, Chemistry and Biology. I have improved GCSE students grades by 2-3 grades every year round. Being the first cohort doing the new 9-1 GCSE examinations, I achieved a grade 9 for both English literature and language. This means that I have a first hand experience on what the exams are like, what examiners are looking for, how to handle workload and memorise poems and quotes from books, and how to achieve great results. In order to develop English skills, I frequently encourage asking questions, with this, lessons do not become a one way street and the student is encouraged to probe away in order to reach a conclusion for themselves. I try to teach a student the qualities of, and then to prioritise deduction and reasoning, something I have found is becoming ever more important in current exams. I strive to build confidence in students by securing knowledge and understanding and then frequently applying this to new scenarios, including independent work designed for strong consolidation. This of course includes inspiring an interest in the subject at hand, attempting to help the student recognise how truly fun learning such useful subjects can be, especially in noticing how they relate to daily life.

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Getting expert help from a tutor is a great way to improve your Study Skills grades.

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Nina Modak

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