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Asked by Tiffany

What are the advantages and disadvantages of outcome based assessment?

One advantage is that it informs you of a students current understanding of a subject without aid from another person. However, as you probably know, you can have bad days and get results that do not reflect how well you understand a topic.

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Hardworking Cambridge student happy to help with Psychology, French and 11+

I am hardworking student who has just completed my first year at Cambridge University, where I study Psychological Behavioural Sciences. At school I studied French, History and Psychology A Level. I have always enjoyed languages and had an aptitude for them, having studied both French and Spanish through GCSE and the first year of A Levels. I have been both a French and Spanish mentor at my school where I have helped younger students to overcome issues they couldn't talk through in class. My passion for psychology began when I was able to pick it up at A Level, I ran a Psychology Club in my school, through which I was able to teach younger students interesting topics and engage in controversial debates. My passion grew through super curricular reading and volunteering that helped me to secure my offer at the University of Cambridge. After being scared and worried sick about exams throughout my whole school career I believe I finally cracked it in Year 13 and I would love to be able to reassure students and allow them to go into their exams feeling confident, and leaving knowing that they've done their best. My lessons will be tailored solely around the needs of the pupil and what they feel their main issue/struggle is, so please just let me know! I did Cambridge IGCSE French and Spanish, and AQA A Level French where I studied Tartuffe and Un Long Dimanche de Fiançailles for my written exam. For A Level Psychology, I studied AQA, with my Year 2 options being: Cognition and Development, Schizophrenia and Forensic Psychology.

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