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What is the best way to remember specific dates etc.. without making pneumonics?

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Answered Jun 19Study Skills
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Simran PatelSeasoned tutor and postgraduate law student at University College London (UCL)9 students helped

Try flash cards or relating a certain part of the date to the key event you're trying to remember. Additionally repetition is invaluable - keep rewriting what you remember on a blank piece of paper and mark this against a master copy with all the answers. It'll soon become mechanical to associate the dates and events/data in question.

Answered Jun 18Study Skills
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Wahida AhmedI am passionate about education and want to help! 100 students helped

Mnemonics often work for a lot of people but not for everyone. I would suggest making a table with 2 columns, dates on one side and the event on the other and either keep reading it or redo it like a 'look-cover-check' activity. Hope that helps.