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I got a offer letter from X company and they are offering me 11lac and now I got selected in another company that is offering me 30lac.Could you please let me know how to write a formal letter to previous company to inform them that I am getting 30?

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Answered May 20University
Maryam AdebowaleSkilled tutor and undergraduate at City, University of London21 students helped

Hi Ayush, I would suggest not mentioning the amount the other company is offering you to start with. Simply state that you are thankful for the offer and appreciate the opportunity to have interviewed with the firm, however, you have received another offer which you have decided to pursue after careful consideration. This way, you don’t burn any bridges, and if they really like you they may ask why, and then you can share that it is because of the salary. You might be surprised, they may then try to counter or beat the 30 lac offer!