Approval Criteria

The series of lessons we provide must meet a minimum criteria to maintain a standard of quality for our users. These guidelines are a reference when creating a course that you intend to monetise. Think of this being a checklist that will help you create the best courses we know you can!

Every course will need to:

  1. Contain a minimum of three videos covering a particular topic. This excludes any introduction video that outline the contents of the course. While three is a minimum, we would highly recommend considering it on a case by case basis. Some courses you choose to make might require ten videos to explain and properly cover the content, whilst others much shorter.
  2. Courses must be recorded in a well lit environment where you or the objects in view are clearly visible and in focus. Additionally, lighting should be consistent across the video and not suffer from blinking or black screen outages.
  3. Audio must be clear and free from any loud or disruptive background noises. This includes screeching sounds, white noise or any interruptions outside of the recording environment. It also must be synchronised with the video.
  4. Courses that draw from materials for a significant portion of the class should originate from the teacher. If in any doubt about this, please double check our copyright guidelines here.
  5. Marketing or self-promotion (e.g., business or website logos, name or personal brand mentions) of the teacher within the class should be limited to the intro and outro videos only.
  6. Courses should be made for Scoodle, and not branded for any other online teaching platforms. Teachers should not direct students to competing educational platforms.