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Anaïs Vella

Qualified and experienced French teacher

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Hello, I am Anaïs, a professional French native teacher, with over 5 years of experience teaching in the UK. I am also a qualified teacher with a master's degree in education. I have written five books called, "Learn French with Anaïs". Their goal is to enhance self-teaching. I teach all ages and levels and I can help you with any French exams (DELF, DALF, GCSE, A-level). I offer group, one to one and in-company lessons, as well as, tailored French business courses and interview preparations. For more informations about lessons or services provided and also for more testimonials please visit my website, I am passionate about teaching and believe that my enthusiasm will benefit your learning. I am a really sociable, friendly and non judgmental teacher who loves to meet new people and talk with them. I think that languages can be taught more effectively with interesting and fun lessons and in my opinion learning French should never be boring! My lessons are based on the Common European Framework of reference for languages (A1-A2-B1-B2-C1-C2) and on the things you need to know to take part in real-life situations. The aim is to enhance your communication skills and develop your knowledge of the French language in order to be able to actively converse in French. My structured teaching method reflects an effective, gradual and comprehensive way of learning the language. From both my experience and studies, I have learnt how to easily explain the grammar and also how to adapt my teaching method to individual needs whitelist maintaining a high level of quality and accuracy by spotting the areas that need to be improved and by paying a particular attention to details. I am completely dedicated to my clients' learning journey. I am always enthusiastic and I like to push people to exceed their expectations. I have taught French to people from Europe, Commonwealth, USA, Russia, Brazil, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea, Japan and Switzerland and among them some were students, university teachers, postdoctoral researchers, PhD students, scientists, nurses or doctors. Others were, lawyers, barristers, chefs, journalists, museum curators, engineers, TV producers and presenters, film editors, singers or musicians. I have as well taught French to business owners, people with high responsibilities in diverse fields, to diplomats and to members of the European Parliament. Moreover, I have delivered in-company lessons (group lessons) for English companies working with French ones, to people working for the BBC and also taught French to people working for French companies, such as, Airbus, EDF and Danone. Don't hesitate to contact me and I will get back to you within 24 hours. Enhanced CRB checked Looking forward to hearing from you! Anaïs


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