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Andoni Arri

Patient, enthusiast and creative Spanish Tutor

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Native Spanish. My aim is to find and implement an individualized method for each person to understand efficiently what we are studying. I am Mechanical Engineer with a huge passion in teaching. I have been giving tutorials since I was 17 so I would say that I have developed a way to make every student get the proper comprehension to success in what we are studying. Native spanish. I'm teaching Spanish lessons in the University of Glasgow right now. I consider myself as a optimistic and positive thinking person, commited and also a bit perfectionist and always trying to give my best in what I am doing. I have worked in different companies as a Team Leader in a wind farm for the maintenance of the wind turbines (Spanish multinational company), as a Project Manager in a chilean company, where I was in charge of the management, logistics, budgets and billing of each project. I like to get myself trained in different fields so I have made different courses and seminars such as "Mindfullness" Full Emotional Intelligence in the University of Malaga in Spain or Online marketing and business positioning, guidance and advice for entrepreneurship in Promoempleo Chile apart from many others.


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