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Ashley Mason

Resourceful piano tutor and undergraduate at Royal College of Music

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Hi, I'm Ashley

I'm Ash, a classically trained pianist and cellist. I graduated in 2010 but have been teaching privately since 2004. I also hold a Licentiate Diploma from Trinity College London and the ABRSM Certificate for Music Educators. I specialise in piano and music theory tuition and teach for exam preparation, performance and aural training - but, we can also learn just for fun!!! I tend to use the world renowned ABRSM or TCL exam boards for external verification and have a 100% pass rate. i am happy to enter students for exams from Prep Test through to the advanced diplomas. I generally take on students from age 6+ - the current age range of my students is 6-86!! I prefer young students to keep a regular weekly slot but more mature students may attend lessons according to their own schedules. Whether a younger or more mature student, I aim to make music lessons accessible and approachable a...Learn more

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Music BMus - 2:1 (2006 - 2010)

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