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Asked by Evie · a year ago

What GCSEs do I need to be in the police?

A GCSE in a science, psychology or sociology may help. Alternatively, pick A-Levels that allow you to do criminology for undergraduate.


Asked by Riham · a year ago

I've searched and am still in the process of researching - but, still completely not knowing what I want to do, what my passions are... What can I do with my A lvls Biology, English Lit, Maths & Psychology (i like them all equally)?

1. Psychologist 2. Psychotherapist 3. Teacher Much more as well... places are not as strict as they tell you at college.


Asked by Cook With · a year ago

What are the positives and negatives of history and geography GCSEs I don’t know which one to pick?

Both have quite good merits, however it depends on what you want to do so A-Level. Feel free to message me.

11+ Entrance Exams

Asked by Ellie · a year ago

How do i become a physiotherapist??

You will need to be able to do physiotherapy or sport and exercise therapy at University. I would look on university websites to get an idea of entry requirements!


Asked by Linda · a year ago

What is the state symbol of calcium hydroxide?



Asked by Stephen · a year ago

What is the name of the discharges or secretions which protect against bacterial infection of the armpits, as well as the genitals?


Asked by Alexa · a year ago

I love health and social and psychology as well as maths. i want a good paying job, any ideas?

I do psychology BSc. I would suggest a clinical psychologist or research occupation. You can use psychology to go into medicine- it is a standard route as well.


Asked by Anuva · a year ago

What can I do for a job if I’m interested in biochemistry? I’m in Year 10 right now?

May I suggest going into biomedical science! It is a science-based degree with much flexibility. For more information:

Applying for University

Asked by Oliwia · a year ago

I would really love to be a lawyer, What are the minimum grades at GCSE’s and A-Levels?

Usually 5+ GCSE’s including maths and English, along with 3 A-Levels at a minimum of a C, usually a B.

Study Skills

Asked by Scar · a year ago

What GCSE’s should you take to help to be a Cystic Fibrosis Nurse Specialist?

I would say psychology/sociology. Anything to help you get to A-Level. Remember it may help to demonstrate empathy as a CF Nurse so pick subjects related to this!

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Ben Stables

Savvy tutor and undergraduate at york St. John

3555Students helped
18Questions answered
£10Per hour