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Claudia Saksida

Junior doctor with 6 years tutoring experience

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Throughout medical school I worked as a tutor and decided to continue after graduation. I teach maths and science from 11+ up to A levels. I can also help with medical school applications and studying for medical school exams. With 6 years and thousands of hours of tutoring experience I can guarantee a great service, tailored to each students needs. All of my students have seen increases in their overall grades, usually by two steps (B to A* for example) and each of my 11+ students have gained a place at their 1st choice of school. Outside of work I'm a keen horse rider, skiier and scuba diver! I also do volunteering work and I have also done some casual TV work. If you'd like to contact me about tutoring please feel free to drop me a message. I offer all my clients free consultations to discuss my students' goals. This helps me to plan my lessons around each of my students individual needs.


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Management with medical sciences - 1st (hons)

2015 - 2016

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Medicine MBBS - N/A

2012 - 2018


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