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Cristina Rodriguez Parada

Skilled tutor and undergraduate at University of Vigo

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I am a qualified teacher from Spain and I am preparing students for their IGCSE and A-level oral exams. I am a full-time teacher and have 5 years of experience in education in this country although I only started preparing students for their speaking exams this past year. My teaching methodology is through conversation. The most important thing for me is to make student be able to speak fluently in Spanish. I go through questions that can be asked at their exam but I also make them talk about less formal things, as for example their life and what are they going to do over the weekend, for example. I use a variety of resources to help students to start a conversation (videos, pictures, music, etc) and I also produce some of them according to the student's needs. I like to make them feel as if they were seen a friend and having a conversation with them.


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