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Hi, I'm Edward

I am a recent (2018) graduate of a Mathematics BSc programme (Northumbria University) looking to pass my skills on to the next generation. I have a deep passion for mathematics and subjects surrounding it, such as Physics, Chemistry and Philosophy. My other interests include playing music and baking. I have gained some experience, over the years, helping family and friends through their GCSEs & A-Levels. This help focussed mainly on Mathematics, but also with Physics and Chemistry. In most cases I have managed to make the process intuitive and enjoyable. My teaching style is one of logic and rationality. And, if there is conceptual struggle, I always try and place myself in the shoes of the learner to better understand their perspective and to find a relevant route to conceptual understanding.

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Northumbria University at Newcastle

Mathematics (BA) - 1st (2015 - 2018)

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Asked by Audrey

History 🕌
Why can't the C-14 method be used to confirm the age of a silver goblet from the 1500s?

Edward Sharp

Enthusiastic GCSE & A-Level Mathematics Tutor

Short answer: Because the goblet contains no Carbon. Explanation: c-14 dating works by measuring the proportion of c-14 atoms in (usually) somethin...Learn more