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Hi, I'm Gull

Post-Graduated from Queen Mary- University of London with distinction I am an experienced tutor who wishes to work hard for the betterment of upcoming generations. I did my graduation and post graduation from University of London and received gold medal and scholarships respectively. I have 9+ years of teaching experience. I have taught all the boards including OCR, Edexcel, AQA and UCLES. Furthermore, I worked for exam marking of Pearson Board as well, so I know the best possible techniques of attempting an exam paper through examiner point of view. I have taught numerous students which later lead me to take on their friends and siblings which is a proof that they never wanted me to leave. And, now I have very long term relations with them. I always prefer to look inside the inside as to how he thinks, how he understands and then I make him understand...Learn more

My education

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Queen Mary University of London

Msc Finance and Economics - First (2010 - 2011)

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Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS)

Economics and maths (Bsc) - 1:1 (2006 - 2010)

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