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Hadiyah Qureshi

A Year 13 student who wants to inspire her love of maths in others!

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I’m 17 years old and currently in Year 13. I sat my Maths A Level one year early and achieved an A* which showcases my skills in Maths! I achieved 11A* and 1A at GCSE. I also have a lot of experience tutoring GCSE Maths, and the fact that I sat my GCSE one year ago means that I’m very familiar with the exam structure and I can help students better. I love Maths and I am very interested in pursuing a Maths degree. I have spent the past school year inspiring secondary school children to see themselves working in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) and I have been leading my own STEM club for a year, where I plan the lessons and experiments myself. More details can be provided on request!


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A Levels - A* (Mathematics)

2017 - Now

I took my A Level Mathematics one year early, in year 12, and achieved an A*. I also achieved 11A* and 1A at GCSE.


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