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Henry Kenlay

Math, science and computer guy who loves to teach

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At high school I loved all aspects of science and mathematics. After teaching myself to program I decided to pursue a degree involving both maths and computer science. Whilst at the University of Warwick I was a mentor to students in the years below me doing the same course. I wanted to apply my skills to real life problems and went to the University of Cambridge to study computational biology, learning to apply computer algorithms and mathematical models to solve problems in modern biology and medicine. I then worked at the university as a research assistant applying methods popular in machine learning (a subfield of artificial intelligence) to solve problems in genetics. I decided to focus more on the machine learning aspect and went to the University of Oxford to study. I'll shortly be entering my second year where I'll be joining the engineering science machine learning group. Whilst at Oxford I've become a private tutor.


University of Cambridge logo

University of Cambridge

Computational Biology (MPhil) - 74%

2015 - 2016

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University of Oxford

Machine Learning (DPhil)

2017 - Now

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The University of Warwick

Discrete Mathematics (BSc Hons) - 1st

2012 - 2015

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