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Rebecca C.

Passionate tutor and experienced English teacher

I am a qualified and experienced English Teacher currently available for tuition, either online or face to face. I strive to ensure that each and every one of my students achieves all that they are capable of and I aim to share my love of my subject, and of learning itself, with those I work with.

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150tutor score
is available for online tuition
actively helped 79+ students
answered 2+ questions
£40per hour
Ramyah M.

Friendly, high spirited and passionate tutor here to help you learn and succeed

I am an a level student and I have been privately tutoring young students of all abilities from years 4-6 for 2 years now, especially helping with 11+. Over the years tutoring has taught me patience, improved my organisational skills and good time management skills. My enthusiastic, creative and fun approach to learning motivates young people in a refreshing way where you are bound to see improvement in your child's work. Most recently along with biology, maths and chemistry a levels, I am doing Primary outreach with my grammar school as an extension study where I teach a group of year 5 students English at a primary school , pushing and challenging them beyond what would be expected covering everything from creative writing to grammar. Working in the primary school has certainly given me a sense of professionalism and responsibility. As well as this it has improved my ability to assess work in more detail. I am also a GCSE Biology mentor in my school where I help year 10 and 11 students if they are finding GCSE biology difficult. As well as this I am also tutoring 3 other GCSE students at chemistry. My teaching method can adjust and vary for different people as I understand everyone learns differently. Being closer to the age group of which I tutor certainly helps as I am better able to understand issues they may be facing and socialise with them more, helping me to tailor resources for their individual needs. I would say my teaching methodology is personalised varying from game-based to inquiry-based.

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210tutor score
is available for online tuition
£40per hour
Michelle E.

Experienced and qualified Primary teacher based in Dunstable, Bedfordshire

I am a experienced and qualified teacher who can provide tuition for maths and English in the local area. I am passionate about helping my students reach their potential through personalised session based on students needs, abilities, interests and learning styles.

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210tutor score
is available for online tuition
£15per hour