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Rebeca's profile picture

Rebeca Ridings

ProOnline lessons

Experienced tutor and PhD student at the University of Cambridge

I have a degree in Molecular Cell Biology from the University of York, a masters by research also from the University of York and I am now working towards a PhD in Genetics at the University of Cambridge. I have experience in tutoring and supervision at a high school and university level.

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Tom's profile picture

Tom Maclean

Online lessons

Cambridge and Imperial Science grad. 15 years teaching experience.

Key Stage 2: Since 2017 I have been working as a science and maths teacher in a specialist SEND school with primary school-aged children with a wide range of learning difficulties, including ADHD, Asperger's. dyslexia, dyspraxia and dyscalculia. This has involved planning engaging and fun practical science experiments in line with the KS2 curriculum, and devising interactive maths lessons to help the students grasp basic numerical concepts . - Case study: "I", aged 9, with ADHD, dyscalculia, Asperger's. Science: "I" had a keen interest in the 'messy' side of Science, so our experiments were generally Chemistry-oriented, involving chemical reactions that invariably produced interesting substances, explosions or slime. He learned how to write up observations in his exercise book independently, and further explore the 'theory' behind our experiments. Maths: "I" struggled with counting and subitising, so we worked on counting forwards and backwards to 20, and subitising groups of 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10, using Dienes cubes and other objects. Eventually he could manage these tasks consistently and moved onto creating given monetary values using coins. Common Entrance: I have prepared numerous students for entry at 13+ at both normal and scholarship level for secondary schools including Eton, Westminster, King's College Wimbledon, Dulwich, Radley, Wetherby Senior etc, all of whom have successfully gained entry to their chosen schools. I have particular experience in the Eton King's Scholarship paper, and have coached 6 boys for this exam, 3 of whom are now current King's/ Oppidan scholars at the school/ college. - Case study: "A", Eton King's Scholarship exam. "A" was naturally very bright, but severely let down by poor exam technique, including badly structured 'long-answers' and extremely messy (often illegible) writing which prevented him achieving the high scores of which he was capable. We discovered that his handwriting deteriorated as a result of perceived time pressure, leading to him rushing his answers to the longer questions and spewing out garbage. Despite this, he invariably failed to complete a paper under timed conditions. We therefore focussed heavily on techniques for answering and structuring long answers appropriately and concisely. By understanding the proper way to answer questions, and that he could say more with less, his answers become both more legible and higher-scoring, and he was also able to complete the papers in time. He went on to earn the scholarship. GCSEs: My GCSE students have been by far my biggest cohort over the years. I am equally at home with Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Maths at this level, and have already taken a number of students through the first round of the new 9-1 Maths specifications. I have also home-schooled at least 7 students in these subjects (from memory!), meaning I have often had to teach the entirety of the specifications from scratch, and set and mark regular homework in addition to providing exam preparation. - Case study: "R", home-schooled, IGCSE Maths and Sciences "R" had been excluded from his school at the start of year 10 for behavioural reasons. However, he had been offered a second chance to return to his school on condition that a) he provided regular proof that he was continuing to study for his GCSEs in the form of notes etc. and b) he could achieve at least an A in his IGCSE Maths, which he was due to take the following summer, a year early. I was contacted to work on maths and the three sciences with him. We met 3 times a week, allotting equal time for each subject. "R" had either mislaid or simply not made any notes for any of his subjects, so we had to start at the very beginning, ensuring not only that he had a comprehensive set of notes on each subject, but that he was keeping them sufficiently organised that he might send copies to his school. Come the end of the year, "R" achieved an A* in maths and was offered a place to return to his original school. A-Levels/ IB: My A-Level/ IB specialism is Biology. Most years I usually take on at least 1 or 2 students at this level. Biology is notorious for being one of the most 'content-dense' A-Level/ IB topics and there is a lot of factual learning involved, combined with some complex concepts. Invariably the topics that cause students the biggest headaches are the biochemical pathways of respiration and photosynthesis. I find the best way to help students learn these is to get them to focus on the bigger picture - what is the purpose of each step, and the process as a whole? What are the important outputs? How does it all fit into the grand scheme of things? Biology becomes a lot easier to digest when the interconnectedness of all life processes is appreciated. Everything is a cog in a big living machine. - Case study: "H", OCR A-Level Biology "H" was studying Biology alongside 2 non-science A-Levels. She required two As and a B to get into her preferred course at university, and whilst she felt As were attainable in her non-science A-levels, she was struggling to meet the B grade boundary in her internal Biology tests and exams, often dropping to a D. After reviewing her mock scripts, it became clear that, besides an insufficiently deep understanding of certain topics, "H" had shortcomings in her exam technique. We initially identified the topics in which she struggled (mainly 'pathway' questions) and focussed on breaking these down and learning them inside out and back to front. We then moved onto practicing related long-answer exam questions, and establishing a consistent approach to answering them. "H" eventually became confident in tackling these topics and questions unassisted. She gained her B grade and her place on her preferred course.

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310Tutor score
648Students helped
Idris's profile picture

Idris Adebayo

Online lessons Versatile tutor and graduate of Imperial College London.

Excellent Maths and Science Tutor. Makes learning fun and enjoyable. Prices are discounted. Teaching across all the keys stages as well A-levels and Undergraduates.

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Prakash's profile picture

Prakash Thanikachalam

Online lessons

Accomplished tutor and undergraduate at University of Cambridge

Hey! Iโ€™m a third year medical student at Trinity Hall, Cambridge. Having gone through the U.K. school system, I know how challenging it can be to achieve the top grades consistently across a range of subjects. My experience has resulted in a vast array of tips and techniques which Iโ€™m more than willing to share with anyone who I come into contact with. Hopefully with a bit of help and hard work you can also achieve your academic dreams with ease!

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Francis's profile picture

Francis Scalbert

Online lessons

Cambridge Natural Sciences graduate with a passion for Education

Hi there! Iโ€™m Francis, a recent Natural Sciences graduate from the University of Cambridge. I have 200+ hours of teaching experience and am currently pursuing a career in Education. Despite graduating with a first class degree, I have not always been confident in my abilities and I understand how important confidence is when it comes to learning Maths and Physics.ย In light of this, my strategy involves ensuring students first understand the basic concepts and techniques, before building towards solving more complex problems. If you are looking for a patient tutor who builds strong productive relationships with their students, then please donโ€™t hesitate to get in touch! Some reviews from my other account:

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Alex's profile picture

Alex Bruce

Online lessons

Savvy tutor and undergraduate at University of Oxford

Hi, I have over 2 years tutoring experience, specialising in Oxbridge entrance (personal statement, admissions tests, interview prep) as well as philosophy, politics and economics up to and including A Level. I graduated from the University of Oxford in 2019 with a 2:1 in Philosophy, Politics and Economics.

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36Students helped
Cat's profile picture

Cat Carrion

Online lessons

Here to help! Recent graduate of KCL with a BSc Business Management degree and a 1st Class Dissertation.

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130Tutor score
0Students helped
Abdullah's profile picture

Abdullah Khalil

Online lessons

Oxford Medical Student and Professional Medical Admissions Coach

Hello! A passionate Mathematician turned Doctor-In-Training but always a teacher at heart - I am Abdullah - a 5th year medical student at Oxford - and it would be a pleasure to help you with your learning and qualifications. I am a highly accomplished private tutor. I specialise in preparing students for the UCAT and BMAT admissions tests having scored in the top decile for both. I have been teaching the BMAT/UCAT for over five years, both one-one and leading group classes. So far, I have a 100% positive feedback rate and student retention rate, this can be confirmed by student reviews if required. I take professionalism, reliability, and customer care as virtues just as importantly as I take the quality of my teaching โ€“ giving 100% quality to each student session. I deliver my teaching with enthusiasm, charisma and energy โ€“ my teaching is often described as colourful! Over the years, I have developed my own distinct style of tutoring, centring on my own reconstructions of the teaching materials and my charismatic and engaging approach. I have put a lot of thought and research into how to tutor the UCAT and BMAT. I have designed my own tutorials to thoroughly cover every aspect of the UCAT/BMAT - not simply replicated advice available in the published guidebooks but drawing on my own insights. These include theory, strategies and techniques as well as ample practice. In addition to teaching during the lessons, I also go the extra mile to help my students keep a regular practice routine which is the key to success in admissions test. In my experience, this sense of shared responsibility motivates students to keep on track with their practice which is ultimately what leads to improved scores โ€“ one-one tuition is not sufficient to produce good results. Lastly, if you are not satisfied with the quality of my teaching then I don`t expect you to pay. I offer a 100% money back guarantee on the first lesson booked with me. Testimonials (can all be verified as authentic upon request) ****************************** I cannot recommend Abdullah highly enough. He is a first rate educator, with the ability to make material crystal clear, achieved only through true understanding and mastery of a subject! Abdullah has the ability to elucidate content and provide clarity, solidity, and extension which arenโ€™t accomplished in the classroom. If you want to achieve material progress, there is no other tutor! 14/07/2020 Mrs Katherine (Studentโ€™s Mother) Sitting the BMAT is no easy feat, but Abdullah's attentive guidance provided me with the reassurance and confidence I needed to give it my best shot. The advice he gave allowed me to improve massively; his tips for Section 1 helped me learn about the methodology behind answering the questions, and his thorough marking and analysis of my Section 3 essays proved invaluable on exam day. I can't thank him enough for his punctuality, flexibility and understanding in addressing all of my concerns, and would recommend him to anyone planning to sit the BMAT. 08/11/2020 Mr Ronan (BMAT Tutee) I strongly recommend Abdullah to anyone who is looking to take the UCAT/BMAT, and applying to medical school in general. Abdullah helped me so much with my UCAT preparation, and helped me get a score of 700+, which I more than happy with. He worked really hard to thoroughly teach me the techniques for each section specifically. The lessons are easy to understand, and he didn`t stop until I was completely confident with each type of question. If it wasn`t for Abdullah, I definitely wouldn`t have done so well! Thank you! 29/08/2020 Miss Leenah (UCAT Tutee) A truly amazing tutor! Abdullah is very kind, knowledgeable and has a level of commitment I`ve never seen in anyone else. He taught us techniques to enhance our efficiency in the BMAT, and made sure that we all had an excellent understanding before moving onto the next topic. Overall, a fantastic experience, and I really appreciate the time and effort Abdullah put in to ensure that my BMAT score was the best it could be! He is one of the finest tutors I`ve ever worked with and he has my unreserved recommendation. 02/11/2020 Mr Abith (BMAT Tutee) This tutor not only helped me acquire the correct technique to tackle my UCAT exam, but through their support and expertise, they made my exam preparation a lot less stressful (and somewhat fun!). I knew I could go to them for help with my practice when I asked for it. A very professional and organised tutor, who gave informative and well-structured tutorials. I`m very happy that I chose you as my UCAT tutor, thank you so much! :) 10/08/2020 Miss Morgan (UCAT Tutee) Abdullah is a tutor who knows the topics he teaches very well, and is able to explain these in a way that helps you understand it quickly. He is very patient in his teaching style and always ensures that everyone understands the topic. He focuses on building a core understanding which I found to be very helpful for the BMAT. I would definitely recommend his tutoring 07/11/2020 Mr Adam (BMAT Tutee) Abdullah has all the qualities of an outstanding tutor - expert, adaptable, patient, considerate, supportive and passionate about the subject. He understood our daughter`s needs perfectly, tailoring a short course to her specific requirements and focusing on methodology and technique to deliver enhanced performance. Thank you, Abdullah! 16/08/2020 Mr David (Father of UCAT Tutee) Please contact me directly and I am happy to put you in contact with any of my current/past tutees. Experience Tutors Ltd, London 2013 โ€“ Salaried A Level/GCSE Science and Mathematics Tuition This was my first foray into the world of professional tutoring, while I was still at Sixth Form. The school was a community-oriented evening and weekend supplementary school, providing auxiliary teaching for all abilities. This was an excellent introduction to the world of teaching because it exposed me to a wide variety of students which greatly tested and nurtured my teaching abilities. Given its community focus, the school was populated by both high achieving students and recently immigrated students who were taking their first steps into the UK secondary education system. I led four weekly classes with an average size of six students and was a valued member of the schoolโ€™s teaching team. I developed a strong relationship with the director of the company and principal of the school โ€“ it was a sad parting, but I had to relocate for university. Free Lance Tutor 2015 โ€“ Current Ever since moving to university, over five years ago now, I have maintained a regular stream of private tutees, both on-line and corporeally. I have clocked over 100 hours, and unfailingly retain repeat students and receive excellent feedback. I attribute my success to the commitment and sincerity with which I approach each and every student โ€“ genuinely caring for their success and wanting to give them the best value for their money. Although I occasionally cover GCSE, I have recently began specialising in A Level Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics, which subjects I have extensive knowledge of their syllabi and examinations. During the summer months and university application season, I tend to focus my time on tutoring the BMAT, UCAT and Oxbridge Medicine Interviews

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Alex's profile picture

Alex Childs

Online lessons

English teacher and mentor with a proven track record of raising grade averages.

I have a first class MA (Hons) from the University of St Andrews and a proven track record of raising grade averages by 87.5%. I tailor each lesson to the individual, meaning that lessons are extensively prepared for in advance in accordance with your curriculum, concerns and academic goals. I provide excellent value, with the option of lessons incorporating grade-boosting homework and integrated marking. My method for your success revolves around an ethos of encouragement and positivity. I am here to help you fulfil every AO and achieve the grade you want.

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330Tutor score
223Students helped
Felix's profile picture

Felix Morrison

Online lessons

Resourceful tutor and undergraduate at University of Oxford

I have tutored students in my local area for a number of years, and through one-to-one teaching I have seen how an individualised approach can dramatically improve academic performance. I favour a collaborative style, working with the student to identify areas that they find difficult and through practice helping them to gain confidence. I also encourage my students to send me written work for feedback, which will always be returned on a quick and regular basis. I will also produce personalised revision packs and schedules to help structure work throughout the week. My tutorial style is relaxed and laid back, and I tend to gear a segment of each session into a discussion of what part of the syllabus the student finds the most interesting. Cultivating practical examination skills alongside a passion for the subject is the ultimate goal of my tutorials. While English Literature is my degree course, I have also tutored students for GCSE History and R.E. I can also offer guidance on university admissions, and specifically Oxbridge applications. I have just completed my final year of study in English Language at Literature at the University of Oxford, and have graduated with a first-class degree. I am well aware of the benefits of tutorial-based teaching and wish to impart some of the techniques and skills I have acquired over the past three years to students working at all levels. Having undergone A-levels and GCSEs not too long ago myself, I am conscious of what examination boards are looking for from candidates, and how simple techniques (acquiring the right vocabulary; addressing questions appropriately; arguing with intent) alongside broadening your knowledge of the subject outside of the confines of examinations (reading around the texts, dipping into accessible parts of criticism, exploring topics not typically covered in school) can both improve the grade of a student while also instilling a greater appreciation of the subject in general. Having worked as an Admissions Helper at Hertford College, I have experienced both sides of the university admissions process and would be happy to help prospective undergraduates with their university applications.

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Tamsin's profile picture

Tamsin Sandiford

Online lessons

I graduated in History from Homerton College, Cambridge in 2019 and have experience of Oxbridge admissions mentoring. I achieved 3 A*s at A Level in Biology, History and French. I am now studying to be a barrister. I like to build a friendly relationship with students as I believe we learn best when we are enjoying ourselves and feel comfortable. I focus on practical advice and techniques to succeed.

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