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Ecem's profile picture

Ecem Mimoglu

Online lessons

Experienced tutor and undergraduate at Imperial College London

I am a third year medical student at Imperial College London, and while I am passionate about my university subject, I equally enjoyed my academic journey to get here. I have always had an enthusiasm for anything and everything taught to me - in particular maths and science - and I hope to help other students find not just an understanding for their subjects, but a genuine interest and appreciation for that knowledge alongside it. I have experience tutoring children of varying ages and abilities and believe that I can be helpful in a variety of situations individuals may find themselves in. I place emphasis on the importance of flexibility in tutoring as not all students will learn in the same way and helping students understand how they learn best will help them excel not only in that subject but throughout the rest of their academic career. As well as experience in teaching school subjects, I consider myself to be a good source of guidance for university applications. I have a good understanding of how universities select for science degrees in particular, and this can be very helpful for students who want an extra push at this stage. I am a very approachable and lighthearted person, so although I take teaching seriously I would like sessions to be as engaging and interactive as possible. My perspective on teaching is that it is never one-sided, as tutors and students should work together in a comfortable middle-ground in which both are learning and developing together. This means that I will value a students needs and opinions about sessions as much as my own in order to ensure they reach their full potential. I hope that I can be helpful and look forward to hearing from anyone interested.

ยฃ40Per hour
335Tutor score
0Students helped
Harleen's profile picture

Harleen Hothi

Online lessons

Dedicated tutor and undergraduate at The University of Exeter

I am an articulate, hardworking and motivated individual. I am also calm, organised and love learning new skills. I welcome feedback as I believe it facilitates my self-awareness and growth. I love Mathematics, History and English Literature and have a clear passion for teaching these subjects, however I can also offer tuition in Science. I am a sensible, dependable and flexible teacher who can tutor gifted and at-risk of failing students. You can rely on me to support students to achieve their best and master their subject.

ยฃ40Per hour
250Tutor score
568Students helped
Abhimanyu's profile picture

Abhimanyu Gowda

Online lessons

University of Cambridge offer holder (Natural Sciences) tutoring in the sciences

In 2018 I achieved 11 grade 9s at GCSE, placing me 6th in the UK. I have experience tutoring in the sciences + maths, but I also have particular expertise in exam strategy/preparation and Oxbridge admissions. One of my students achieved 10 grade 9s at GCSE last year.

ยฃ20Per hour
255Tutor score
0Students helped
Says's profile picture

Says Whi

Online lessons

Skilled tutor and undergraduate at Imperial College London

I am a helpful tutor I wonโ€™t leave you and I will always support you even after weโ€™ve had are services

ยฃ5Per hour
255Tutor score
0Students helped
Marco's profile picture

Marco Alessi

Online lessons

Hard-working, Oxford-graduated tutor with 5 years experience.

Iโ€™ve been tutoring for five years, working closely with students to help them achieve and exceed their goals while also finding the best way to keep them motivated and enjoying their work as much as possible. I have got students into their dream schools, including Westminster and KCS, and I have a proud track record of all past clients achieving 8-9/A-A* at (i)GCSE and A-Level.

ยฃ50Per hour
210Tutor score
0Students helped
Joseph's profile picture

Joseph Guillon

Online lessons

Keep calm and get a good tutor. How bout Me? ;)

Hi !! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ Call me Jo! I am currently an engineering undergraduate at Imperial College London and am passionate to share my love for STEM. Having achieved 4A* and 1A at A level last year, I know exactly what is needed to succeed in the exams. Coming from a franco-Chinese family I also benefit from being trilingual. This took hard work but more importantly โ€˜smartโ€™ work too and I constantly review my learning methods to ensure they are as efficient in the language learning process as possible. I am currently using it to learn German... so you could join me on the language learning journey! Or go for the more traditional and serious subjects such as math and the sciences. I have had a good deal of teaching experience both online and offline and am keen to engage on Scoodle too! So if you think youโ€™d be interested, donโ€™t hesitate to message me and we can figure it out from there ๐Ÿ‘Œ

ยฃ30Per hour
390Tutor score
85Students helped
Oscar's profile picture

Oscar Powell

Online lessons

Dedicated tutor and undergraduate at University of Oxford

Enthusiastic student at Oxford University, achieved A*s in A-Level Maths, Physics and Further Maths so I know how to help you get the top grades! Have tutored several students previously online and in person, achieving places at Universities like Leeds and Cambridge. Enjoy helping others with the subjects I enjoy, while I get involved with outreach and access and my university.

ยฃ25Per hour
255Tutor score
0Students helped
Paige's profile picture

Paige Smeaton

Online lessons

Enthusiastic and friendly tutor, graduated from University of Cambridge

My name is Paige and I am tutor specialising in English and History qualifications, as well as university applications. 2014-2017 I studied English Literature at the University of Cambridge. Summer of 2017 I started a postgraduate degree and trained in teaching college writing at the Univeristy of Massachusetts. Between 2018 and 2020 I worked in Admissions and Outreach at the University of Cambridge, giving me professional insight into the application process for Oxbridge and other competitive Univerisities, as well as experience working with a range of pupils (from those in Primary education to Sixth Form) to raise their academic attainment. I am approachable and passionate about teaching. Having tutored oblkne during my degree and alonside my professional work, I have many years experience.

ยฃ20Per hour
360Tutor score
0Students helped
Katie's profile picture

Katie Hall

Online lessons

Experienced tutor skilled in English language and essay writing.

I'm an experienced tutor and recent humanities graduate offering help with English language, literature and essay writing skills to students of all levels, tackling all subjects. I have considerable experience tutoring in English and History, helping students go on to achieve A-grades in essays and literature exams. Having just graduated with a degree in International Relations, I'm well versed in academic writing! I'm currently working towards my TEFL qualification, and have experience working with international students to help improve their academic essay writing. I'm also an outdoor instructor, working with children and adults of all ages and backgrounds (including additional support needs). Whoever you are and whatever your needs, I'll be able to help!

ยฃ12Per hour
370Tutor score
923Students helped
Owen's profile picture

Owen West-Bourne

Online lessons

Versatile tutor and undergraduate at Durham University

My degree has provided me with excellent written skills in both arts and scientific essay styles allowing me to tailor the essay that you need practice with perfectly for the task; no matter what it is. I am an enthusiastic teacher and coach badminton in my spare time, meaning I know how to teach precisely and patiently, adapting the methods of learning where necessary.

ยฃ15Per hour
335Tutor score
0Students helped