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Rebeca's profile picture

Rebeca Ridings

ProOnline lessons

Experienced tutor and PhD student at the University of Cambridge

I have a degree in Molecular Cell Biology from the University of York, a masters by research also from the University of York and I am now working towards a PhD in Genetics at the University of Cambridge. I have experience in tutoring and supervision at a high school and university level.

ยฃ25Per hour
885Tutor score
8Students helped
Elena's profile picture

Elena Michael

ProOnline lessons

Experience 2+ years ABA, mental health, SEN and Academic Tutor

Hello! My name is Elena and I am a postgraduate law student. I am currently studying with the view to becoming a barrister. I have 2+ years of experience as an academic tutor. I have taught over 40 students from the ages of 5 to 21 and I have experience working with students with Pervasive Developmental Disorders (PDD) and managing mental health conditions. Furthermore, I worked as a teaching assistant for two years, teaching Modern Greek to young children as a foreign language. Please see the โ€œsubjectsโ€ tab to see the broad variety of subjects I teach. 11+ entrance exams to reviewing degree level essays - I have a range of experience. My teaching style is fun and engaging. I encourage students to delve deep into a subject. Studying is a skill - you need the tools and confidence to study well. Itโ€™s also what goes on outside the classroom that is important. For this reason, my lessons include organisation tips, studying strategy sessions and students can contact me during the week for help with anything they need help with at school. I create bespoke study materials to cater to each of my studentโ€™s needs. I keep track of my studentsโ€™ progress at school by monitoring their report cards and I help them to set achievable goals and targets. For those preparing for exams, I help them to create realistic revision timetables and checklists. Furthermore, students may message me whenever they need to help and advice. This is included in my hourly rate. Studying is about more than just reading. Itโ€™s about learning how to take responsibility, developing confidence and finding the strategies that work for you. I look forward to meeting you! Elena

ยฃ40Per hour
1190Tutor score
0Students helped
Maryam's profile picture

Maryam Adebowale

ProOnline lessons

Skilled tutor and undergraduate at City, University of London

Current MBA student with 4 years of experience in Banking and Finance. An engineer by training, I started out teaching Maths and Science to students aged 11 - 18. Since starting my career in finance, I have taught Business and Finance subjects to students up to MBA level (400+ hours taught to date). In my spare time, Iโ€™m an avid runner (I recently ran the Virgin Half-Marathon), and a keen public speaker (recently created a voiceover for a Health program in Africa).

ยฃ30Per hour
1185Tutor score
346Students helped
Fares's profile picture

Fares Alaboud

Online lessons

Computer science university teaching assistant. Taught 200+ students so far ๐ŸŽ“

I am currently unable to take on any new students. Sorry about that! == I'm a computer science graduate, currently in my third year completing a PhD in Artificial Intelligence. I'm a teaching assistant at King's College London, and have taught over 200+ students in classrooms and around 20 students privately. I've worked in several companies of all sizes as a software engineer and a UX/UI designer. I can help you with learning how to code, programming practices, and designing software. I can also make sure you have the most important skills you need to get into university to study computer science, maths or science subjects; as well as make sure you have the skills necessary to get work experience in early years so that by the time you graduate you'll be ready to get your dream job.

ยฃ45Per hour
410Tutor score
734Students helped
Sheena's profile picture

Sheena Hanley

Online lessons

Experienced tutor for adults & children - Currently tutoring online

Tutoring in English, History and Art! - Currently tutoring online! Qualifications: โ€ข MA (in progress) in Creative Writing โ€ข BA (Hons) English Language and Literature with Creative Writing โ€ข TEFL โ€“ in 120 hours Teaching English Teaching Experience โ€ข 6 Years โ€ข Across 4 countries worldwide โ€ข Classroom and interactive lessons โ€ข Structured lesson plans, assessments. โ€ข English & Swimming Tutor Experience โ€ข 2 year โ€ข English & Creative Writing Profile I have developed my early working path around a well founded work ethic and excellent client relations over my years in professional roles. I have 8 years professional experience across 5 sectors, including 5 years Teaching and 1 year in Journalism. During my professional career I have taught for two companies, across four centres providing me with an abundance of experience working with children and a deep understanding of learning techniques. Additionally I also have an understanding of the importance of relaying information to parents regarding progress to make sure all parties are up to date and in sync to a common goal. Other teaching experience includes having had the opportunity to teach English in three countries across the world as a TEFL English teacher. Aside from teaching English & Creative writing, professionally I create content for businesses in the form of social media content, articles, newsletters etc and teach aquatics. My strength in teaching lie within initially building a strong report with a child, from there I can then determine their strengths and weaknesses to focus my tuition on areas they are in need. To do this my method of teaching includes gently pushing academic boundaries to expand on their current knowledge whilst keeping the lessons informative and interesting. Outside of my professional life I am a family oriented person who regularly spends time volunteering for different charities.

ยฃ25Per hour
555Tutor score
212Students helped
Savanna's profile picture

Savanna Fomenky

Online lessons

I love learning and helping others achieve their potential and learn too.

Iโ€™m currently studying at Warwick University for French and Linguistics after achieving a Grade 9 (A*) in both Maths and English Language as well as a Grade 7 (A) in English Literature. I have in depth knowledge on the new style curriculum especially as I tutor Maths GCSE weekly. I am very personable and aim to create a fun but hardworking atmosphere that benefits and incorporates both the student and the parents. As well as tutoring, I can help with how to deal with exam stress and exam preparation as I view wellbeing to be as important as academic success. I also have experience helping people with learning difficulties and those who just generally struggle as well as those of higher abilities.

ยฃ20Per hour
670Tutor score
966Students helped
Alyssa's profile picture

Alyssa Miller

Online lessons

Seasoned tutor studying Law at Warwick University. Online tutoring available!

Hello! My name is Alyssa Miller and I am a first year Law student at the University of Warwick. I am half Chinese and half English; consequently, I am fluent in both English and Chinese. I have had a lot of experience in tutoring, from being a classroom helper for an entire GCSE Mandarin class, to being a personal tutor in English Literature for a struggling year 11 boy, to teaching basic Mandarin to a class full of Burmese refugee children. All these experiences have helped enhance my communication coupled with my teaching skills, it has allowed me to realise what to prioritise when approaching a new student - their strengths and weaknesses, their level of confidence towards the subject and most importantly, what learning methods best suit them. I will employ these techniques in order to ensure your child receives the best possible tutoring, and their grades coupled with their passion for the subject improve as soon as possible!

ยฃ20Per hour
480Tutor score
2037Students helped
Idris's profile picture

Idris Adebayo

Online lessons Versatile tutor and graduate of Imperial College London.

Excellent Maths and Science Tutor. Makes learning fun and enjoyable. Prices are discounted. Teaching across all the keys stages as well A-levels and Undergraduates.

ยฃ25Per hour
1100Tutor score
0Students helped
Benjamin's profile picture

Benjamin Mansour

Online lessons

Enthusiastic tutor by day and UCL medic by night!

Experienced Maths, Science and Medical Application tutor. I have always enjoyed teaching and have years of experience tutoring. I think studying should be fun! Having said that, I hated school growing up. I was always in the bottom set, and had little motivation to improve. But through some great teachers and online tutors in year 11, I turned things around. I went from low predicted grades to smashing my GCSEs, getting 3A* and an A (Maths, Bio, Chem and Spanish) at A-Level and 4 medical school offers!!! Now I want to help others enjoy learning, as I believe thatโ€™s the key to success. Whether you just want to pass, improve slightly or massively, I hope I can help!! Thanks, Ben

ยฃ18Per hour
660Tutor score
3547Students helped
Alex's profile picture

Alex Childs

Online lessons

English teacher and mentor with a proven track record of raising grade averages.

I have a first class MA (Hons) from the University of St Andrews and a proven track record of raising grade averages by 87.5%. I tailor each lesson to the individual, meaning that lessons are extensively prepared for in advance in accordance with your curriculum, concerns and academic goals. I provide excellent value, with the option of lessons incorporating grade-boosting homework and integrated marking. My method for your success revolves around an ethos of encouragement and positivity. I am here to help you fulfil every AO and achieve the grade you want.

ยฃ30Per hour
330Tutor score
220Students helped
Karan's profile picture

Karan Mahendra Jain

Online lessons

Passionate tutor with a masters degree from University of Leicester

A masterโ€™s graduate with First Class Honours in Advanced Mechanical Engineering from University of Leicester. Since, I completed my course in September 2019. I have worked as a Teaching Assistant in the department of engineering. I was trained and certified to teach in higher education from Leicester Learning Institute. I have assisted in demonstrating mechanical oriented first year labs concerning flow measurements in pipes, and electrical oriented labs based on circuit design and analysis using PSpice. Also, assisted in second year labs helping students to learn about material selection in electromechanical devices using CES Edupack software, as well as different engineering materials microstructural properties and processing. Furthermore, I have helped in for fourth year module involving conceptual design process for turbofan engines with improvements in aero engine design configurations. Overall, my aspects of teaching involved concepts related to designing, modelling, real life applications, mathematical calculations, physics and sciences. As a tutor, I would like to give my best abilities to improvise any individuals knowledge and make sure that they succeed in each & every aspects. At the same time, my commitment to teach with supporting and delivering the learning materials with at most reliability will always be my utmost priority. I will give what it takes to make an individual completely transformed into a knowledgeable individual. I believe one becomes intelligent by not just learning the concepts, but making the best use of it by applying in the real world.

ยฃ25Per hour
300Tutor score
943Students helped
Shaun's profile picture

Shaun Feakins

Online lessons

I love all essay-based subjects, and love helping students improve essays!

Iโ€™m a friendly, good-humoured tutor, and I generally use a Socratic style of tutoring - I.e. a constant cooperative dialogue. Iโ€™ve been tutoring for three years while studying, recently received A*A*A*A* in my A-Levels, and I will be teaching in an international school in South Korea from January. My speciality is English Literature - I know GCSE and A-Level syllabi inside out. I pride myself on being able to improve essay writing rapidly, particularly with grades in mind.

ยฃ17Per hour
370Tutor score
8Students helped
Andres's profile picture

Andres Arcia Lopez

Online lessons

A* further maths tutor available for lessons or help with assignments.

Hello, I'm Andres! I am a 2020 sixth form graduate with a strong passion for maths and sciences wanting to help all kinds of students improve their abilities in these subjects and thus getting better grades. * Experience: I have been a tutor since 2018. I have taught a range of students, from primary school all the way to year 13 and gap year students. I offer lessons for maths, physics and computer science for all levels and I am also available for online tuition. * Teaching style: I base my lessons on doing past papers or questions from recommended sources so that students learn exactly what is required to maximise their marks in the exam. I also put emphasis on ensuring the student truly understands all the concepts behind each answer so that they don't feel like they memorising and regurgitating.

ยฃ18Per hour
330Tutor score
937Students helped