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Yahya's profile picture

Yahya Abu Seido

Online lessons

UCL 5th Year Medical Student.

I have been tutoring for the past six years. My tutees have been from a diverse range of ages and years. My methodology is focused on enhancing understanding and tackling vital questions that will determine the tutees outcomes in their exams. I focus mainly on relevant information that students NEED to know, and that is why I have been excelling in my tutoring career, as students are not bored by my lessons. I am currently a fundraising and volunteers coordinator for the NGO Human Relief Foundation. I organise events that raise money for refugees and people in need around the world.

£25Per hour
540Tutor score
824Students helped
Abdulkadir's profile picture

Abdulkadir Jeilani

Online lessons

Mathematics specialist with 10 years experience teaching KS3, GCSE and A level.

I am a qualified Maths teacher with both UK and international experience. I tutor at home and online. I am currently Head of Mathematics at a Secondary school. Feel free to ask any questions. I also tutor Arabic from beginners to advance.

£15Per hour
360Tutor score
0Students helped
Abdelrahman's profile picture

Abdelrahman Amer

Online lessons

UX Researcher and Venture Designer at Nodra Lab

£20Per hour
255Tutor score
0Students helped
Yasmine's profile picture

Yasmine Hemmuth-Fuller

Online lessons

Dedicated tutor and who is ready to teach!

I base my classes on the individual student.. Everyone is at a different level and learns in many different ways.. Individuality is very important as no two children are the same.. The first lesson I will be able to see what level your child or you are and then the next lessons will flow like clock work! To learn how to read Arabic is very important so that is where I step in. From Kitab to Qur’aan! *FEMALES ONLY OF ALL AGES AND BOYS UP TO 11 YEARS OLD*

£15Per hour
360Tutor score
0Students helped
K.'s profile picture

K. Badreldin

Online lessons

I have 20 years experience in teaching Arabic language both privately and in schools. I am a native Arabic speaker, moved from Egypt to UK in 1996. I am based in Birmingham City centre or I can offer you online tutorials. My availability is 7 days a week

£25Per hour
335Tutor score
0Students helped
Emma's profile picture

Emma Ghanem

Online lessons

Resourceful tutor and who is ready to teach!

I have 3 years of experience teaching piano and music theory from beginners to grade 5 with some of my students achieving merits in their ABRSM exams. I also teach younger children piano and music theory in a fun way through fun songs and activities. With regards to maths and 11+ prep, I also am currently studying Maths and Further Maths A- Level, with experience in teaching verbal and non- verbal reasoning as well as maths. As a native Arabic speaker, I have worked in the International Arabic School in Bayswater for two years as a teaching assistant for younger years, and am experienced in teaching basic to intermediate Arabic for any age.

£15Per hour
470Tutor score
36Students helped
Yaqub's profile picture

Yaqub Said

Online lessons

Versatile tutor and undergraduate at Queen Mary University of London

Information about Yaqub I am an experienced, qualified teacher and tutor with a record of success helping students one-to-one to overcome specific difficulties in Maths and increasing their confidence. My students enjoy their Maths tuition sessions, as I am able to motivate them and encourage them to tackle questions using more than one method. I graduated from Queen Mary, University of London in ‘Mathematics with Finance and Accounting’ and went onto doing my teaching course ‘PGCE’. Since then, I have been teaching KS3, KS4 and KS5 for the last five years. I am the Second in Charge of Mathematics at my current school with responsibility of KS4 managing years 9, 10 and 11, a role which has greatly enhanced my knowledge of the new curriculum. I have worked as a tutor since studying A-levels and have developed my skills much deeper by working in inner-London schools and tutoring many families. In addition, I have also worked as a qualified teacher for 7 years now inner-London schools and academies and therefore up-to-date with all new changes. I have a track record of outstanding results. I know exactly what it takes to help your child achieve the grade they aspire to whether it be a Grade 9 or 5. I am very skilled in knowing how to approach different questions depending on your child`s current skill-set. I choose the best ways to make sure they remember. My techniques in tackling challenging maths questions are valuable and will ensure your child makes the most out of their session and ultimately their exam. Furthermore, I make sure to quickly find your child`s strengths and weaknesses. I aim they never make the same mistakes again, by teaching them exactly what they do not know. I really enjoy tutoring as I get to see the progress my students make in a single session as well as a series of sessions. I have helped students move up from Grade 2 to 5 and Grade 3 to 6 as well as grade 5 to 8.  I consider myself to be a very affective tutor with a track record of delivering outstanding results. I make sure to quickly find your child`s strengths and weaknesses. I make sure they never make the same mistakes again, by teaching them exactly what they do not know. I am skilled in knowing how your child can achieve the best possible marks, as I am a very critical examiner. Furthermore, I have in depth knowledge of the new curriculum as a result of re-structuring the previous, as I am the KS4 leader in my current school and therefore up-to-date with all the changes.

£50Per hour
335Tutor score
0Students helped
Mujahid's profile picture

Mujahid Hussain

Online lessons

Islamic, Arabic and Quran tuition for all levels

Asalaamualaykum, -We (me and my partner) provide private Islamic and Arabic tuition online as well as at home. Both of us are fully qualified Islamic scholars and have extensive experience. The Initial assessment is offered free of charge and afterwards you are free to make an informed decision either way. The tuition fee is normally around £15 per hour online and £20 on site. We have a track record of high quality teaching verifiable by both former and current students. We both enjoy the teaching profession, having always found it fulfilling. We try to create a cohesive learning environment to foster student success using innovative techniques and enthusiasm to engage students. A full list of subjects available for tuition is as follows : A full list of subjects available for tuition is as follows : 1- Quranic Reading القراءة الصحيحة للقرآن الكريم 2- Quranic meaning ترجمة معاني القرآن الكريم 3- Quranic exegesis تفسير القرآن الكريم 4- Tajweed التجويد 5- Principles of Quranic exegesis أصول التفسير 6- The miraculous nature of the Quran الإعجاز القرآني 7- Prophetic statements الأحاديث 8- Principles of hadees أصول الحديث 9- Study of chains of narrations دراسة الأسانيد 10- Methodology of Hadees scholars مناهج المحدثين 11- A study of controversial prophetic statements مشكل الحديث 12- Islamic jurisprudence الفقه الإسلامي 13- Principles of Islamic jurisprudence أصول الفقه 14- Maxims of Fiqh القواعد الفقهية 14- Islamic finance الإقتصاد الإسلامي 15- contemporary Fiqh issues النوازل الفقهية 16- Arabic language اللغة العربية 17- Arabic syntax النحو 18- Arabic Morphology الصرف 19- Islamic creed العقيدة الإسلامية 20- History التاريخ والسيرة النبوية I also offer Ruqya services.

£15Per hour
385Tutor score
87Students helped
Zahra's profile picture

Zahra Ahmedali

Online lessons

Hard-working tutor and undergraduate at Brunel University London

I am a 21 year old student currently studying for my degree in business management and entrepreneur ship. Having 2 siblings that are at the age where support is needed due to GCSE’s and SATS has made me realised how much I enjoy teaching and support children to do their best in their education. I currently have a level 3 ,4 and 5 in business management at 5 GCSE’s including international GCSE’s too. My mother tongue is English and I am also fluent in Arabic. The way a lesson is being delivered is the most important thing, as it determines whether or not the child has understood. Having a child leave with new knowledge is better than having a child leave with nothing. I also love making lessons fun and interactive so I don’t bore the child. This will excite the child and make them want to do their best.

£30Per hour
345Tutor score
5Students helped
Wali 's profile picture

Wali Mohamed

Online lessons

Versatile tutor and undergraduate at Imperial College London

I love teaching and I enjoy seeing my students learn. I have been teaching for the last ten years. I am innovative in my teaching and like to use technology.

£30Per hour
210Tutor score
0Students helped