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Online Art & Drama Tutors

Olivia's profile picture

Olivia Jannesson

Online lessons

Accomplished tutor and undergraduate at City Varsity: School of Media and Creative Arts

Iโ€™m a professional actor, having worked in Sweden, South Africa and London, on various screen, stage and voice over projects. Iโ€™ve worked with students from all over the world, teaching drama, voice techniques, accents and languages.

ยฃ30Per hour
360Tutor score
0Students helped
Harleen's profile picture

Harleen Hothi

Online lessons

Dedicated tutor and undergraduate at The University of Exeter

I am an articulate, hardworking and motivated individual. I am also calm, organised and love learning new skills. I welcome feedback as I believe it facilitates my self-awareness and growth. I love Mathematics, History and English Literature and have a clear passion for teaching these subjects, however I can also offer tuition in Science. I am a sensible, dependable and flexible teacher who can tutor gifted and at-risk of failing students. You can rely on me to support students to achieve their best and master their subject.

ยฃ40Per hour
250Tutor score
566Students helped
Wayne's profile picture

Wayne Levett

Online lessons

Seasoned tutor and undergraduate at University of South Australia

Australian born teacher, with over 9years experience working with children. 6 of those years have been as a classroom teacher. Iโ€™m a very extraverted, at times crazy teacher, my role in the classroom is to make learning fun. I get excited and am passionate about art / drama / history / sociology and how different cultures act and interact. I have a passion for German culture and have started learning basic Arabic .

ยฃ25Per hour
355Tutor score
2Students helped
Teuntje's profile picture

Teuntje Van Doormalen

Online lessons

Experienced tutor

Hi! My name is Teuntje. I am originally from the Netherlands but have been living in London for over a year. I have worked as a tutor for 2 years before joining Scoodle and am known to be a fun, helpful and concise second brain to help you (or your child) understand complicated matters and help you learn how to learn.

ยฃ25Per hour
280Tutor score
0Students helped
Paige's profile picture

Paige Cole

Online lessons

Versatile tutor and undergraduate at Brunel University London

Hello, Iโ€™m Paige and Iโ€™m currently located in Twickenham! I am currently working as a teaching assistant in a year 4 class in Richmond borough. I am also undertaking my BA education degree at Brunel University. I am studying towards gain QTS (Qualified Teacher Status) so that I can teach at primary school level in 2021. I have a keen interest in working with children to develop their maths and English abilities to help support them in mainstream learning. I have previously worked with disadvantaged children in the Richmond borough by holding small group tutor session for refugees and children in care. I love working with children and volunteer for a children's charity called siblings together. My hobbies include reading classic novels and solving riddles. I am very sporty and outgoing as I dance professional and I am currently a member of women rugby team.

ยฃ25Per hour
335Tutor score
0Students helped
Jimmy's profile picture

Jimmy Freud

Online lessons

Academic coaching and tutoring for namely those that get distracted.

Iโ€™m particularly keen in helping students with attentional difficulties, task management issues, restlessness, and other related issues. I want to hammer the notion home, especially to young people, that learning is the most pleasurable thing in the world so long as you properly negotiate your approach to it with your difficulties. I have attention deficit disorder (ADD) myself, and after feeling shattered by not meeting the standards I knew I could achieve (for example, a characteristic ADD symptom is hyper-focus on what youโ€™re interested in: I got 98% in English Literature - something I love - at A-level, but two Bโ€™s in philosophy and politics), I sought to do something about it and developed an approach which has worked really nicely (for example, now being able to read three books a week). I am currently doing a BA in Arabic at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), and attended King Alfred School in Hampstead where I achieved 6A*s and 3As at GCSE level and A*BB at A level.

ยฃ20Per hour
360Tutor score
0Students helped
Sam's profile picture

Sam Brenner

Online lessons

Skilled tutor and who is ready to teach!

Having recently left education, I know and emphasise the importance of not only understanding - but enjoying the subject to achieve highly. I attained a number of Grade 9โ€™s at GCSE level and am set to achieve 3 A* in my A Levels. I have a selection of students already under my tuition, all of whom are making vast and significant progress in their confidence and abilities in English and Drama.

ยฃ10Per hour
335Tutor score
0Students helped
Sommy's profile picture

Sommy Echezona

Online lessons

I am passionate about musical theatre, pop, jazz singing

Hello! I am a trained professional performer working in the entertainment industry. I have trained at the University of Central Lancashire, Identity School of Acting and have completed grades 1-8 in Musical theatre. I am also trained and do my training in the Estill Technique My focus is to enable singers of all ages to sing and act with confidence and ease. I work in the styles of musical theatre and pop. I work in schools and also from my home. My students range from the ages of 5 to 21 and I also teach from my students home at a small extra charge. I train my students in Trinity and ABRSM exams and also performances and auditions. In addition, I hold a showcase twice a year for my students to perform to showcase their talent and for friends and family to come along to. I also offer lessons in acoustic guitar

ยฃ40Per hour
360Tutor score
0Students helped
Tarryn's profile picture

Tarryn Richardson

Online lessons

Coursework and exam support for a range of subjects.

Following my First Class BA Honours in Music and Musical Theatre, I completed a Masters in Creative Writing. Whilst following my ambitions to be a writer, I was struck by how much I enjoy education and how I feel that education is not accessible to everyone. I hope to change this through tutoring and teaching others. I structure my teaching using a student centred approach. In one-to-one sessions I will consider how my student learns; do they like to draw; do colours help them; what previous methods have/have not worked? I will modify my teaching style to the student, rather than asking the learner to fit my mould. Group sessions are pretty similar, although, I generally keep it more broad, trying to find a way everyone can understand, if this is not possible, I will explain the task or topic in a generally understood way and ask the students if they have questions and to explain it to one another. This way I can find out where the gaps in understanding are and I can fill those in a way that is suitable for the learner that has not understood.

ยฃ25Per hour
370Tutor score
22Students helped
Melissa's profile picture

Melissa Bravo

Online lessons

Experienced tutor and undergraduate at Bodywork Company

I am a professional performing artist, choreographer, and dance teacher. I have 7 years of experience teaching all ages from kids to adults at all levels. I specialise in Street Dance/Hip-hop/Commercial but also teach contemporary, jazz, musical theatre, and fitness. I trained in musical theatre and dance at The Brit School, Urdang Academy and Bodywork Dance Studio Cambridge. I have also worked professionally both in the UK and internationally as a performer in theatre, film, and tv.

ยฃ25Per hour
390Tutor score
11Students helped