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Sohini K.A supportive and engaging tutor with an aim for success
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Hi! My name is Sohini, a friendly and helpful tutor currently studying Maths at the LSE because of how much I love the subject and teaching it, so I would say that I major in Maths. Nevertheless, I have always enjoyed learning and teaching languages to others, in particular Spanish, French and Bengali. To quickly describe myself, I am 21-years old and have worked as a tutor for approximately 5 years now. From my experiences, I have picked up new and creative ways to make education as enjoyable and enlightening as possible. For a short time, I did also work as a fundraiser for multiple charities which enhanced my optimism and made me more confident with my abilities. In short, I don't give up. I consistently try to improve the development of my students so that they are satisfied with their quality of education and level of confidence. I have experience working at homes, schools and tutoring centres, and I have mostly worked with those aged between 5 and 17, both while employed and while volunteering. However, I have never limited myself to a particular age when it comes to taking students - learning is for all ages! Finally, I am flexible, both in time and lesson rate, and quick to respond to messages for lessons so feel free to message me, even if you don't see the time slot you want. Last updated: 24/07/18

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Mahdi A.KCL maths graduate | Trainee actuary | 7 years of tutoring experience
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On maths tuition: I've been passionate about maths since my early school days and, in college, I taught myself all the Further Maths modules in one year as my college didn't teach them. As part of my work as a trainee actuary at one of the UK's most reputable consultancy firms, I have to do a lot of exams, majority of which are mathematically rigorous and challenging. I also enjoy learning new things about maths everyday as part of my work which often involves breaking down complex actuarial/mathematical problems to easy manageable steps so that the non-technical recipients of my work can understand the final results easily. This helps sharpen my teaching skills too! Since my uni days until now, I've provided one-to-one maths tuition to secondary school, GCSE and A-level students. However, due to other commitments and time constraints, I'm now able to provide maths tuition to A-level students only. On Bangla tuition: Bangla is my mother tongue. I did my schooling in Bangladesh in a Bangla medium school (before moving to the UK and going to college and university) and so have a very strong grasp of the language. I've also been in good practice thanks to my dad's language services agency as part of which I often help out with a variety of translation projects from English to Bengali (and vice versa). I am available to provide Bengali tuition to students of any level.

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Zaima I.A Scotswoman living in London, confused about the men in trousers?? (20, LSE)
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Hello! Iโ€™m Zaima (ja-ai-ma), I am 20 years old and I recently moved to London from Edinburgh (yes it is very cold up there and rains all the time but itโ€™s my home so I love it!)... I am in my first year of BSc Politics and International Relations at London School of Economics and Politics (LSE). My passion in life is to help children around the world gain better and fair access to education and I hope that after completing my degree, I can pursue a career in such a field! Before moving to London, I was studying BSc Biochemistry in Edinburgh, working actively with NGOs which support refugee children and tutoring professionally with one of the UKโ€™s leading Mathematics and English tuition centres. Additionally, I also provided one-to-one tuition to many secondary school children and I have an excellent track record of helping them attain their desired grades. I am also TEFL certified (teaching English as a foreign language). Looking forward to meeting you!

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Rashed S.I am tutoring for last 6 years in UK, GCSE and A level. Currently doing PhD.
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Currently doing PhD in Cancer Research at University of East Anglia. I Can assist students in Science and Mathematics with standardised new curriculum resources and through my passionate approach as well relevent academic background. All levels and capability of students are welcome! Letโ€™s share knowledge and care for our future!

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Suzana A.Im passionate about teaching Science and Maths!
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I have 3 years experience working as a tutor. I provide one-to-one and group tuitions on a range of subjects.

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Chris H.Graduate from University College London (UCL) and hard-working tutor
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Experienced Tutor with 10 years experience

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