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Samantha's profile picture

Samantha Rajaratnam

Online lessons

Bsc Maths and Education | 4 years experience | willing to help anyone :)

I have completed my degree in mathematics and education and have been teaching maths and English for a couple of years. I am an aspiring Secondary school maths teacher and am just about to undergo my training in the educational field. I am very eager to make learning an enjoyable experience with good results. Please feel free to get in touch if you feel your child could do with some extra help to keep on top of their school work over the summer period and during the term time. I have been teaching students between the ages of 5-18 years for the past 3-4 years as a tutor. I have mentored in a couple of secondary schools in south London and in Hastings for 2 years whilst studying at university. This has enabled me to understand how different students approach mathematics and English and adapt my teaching methods to suit each individual. I understand that often students are not keen to engage in a classroom setting and find it more comfortable to learn with less people around them and I am willing to adhere to students' needs and wants. I have experience with working with students who struggle to focus in mainstream environments (especially with students who suffer from ADHD and Autism). My aims for teaching mathematics is to make it less intimidating for students and for teaching English, to make it less of a chore to write essays and more of a way to express ideas and emotion; thus achieving good results.

Β£35Per hour
440Tutor score
7370Students helped
Jade-Amanda's profile picture

Jade-Amanda Laporte

Enthusiastic and fun Oxbridge educated tutor, eager to help you enjoy learning.

Hello! Do you or your children need help with Law? English? Maths? Careers advice? Oxbridge Applications? 11+ entrance?Β I believe passionately that learning should be fun. I have had a mixture of educational experiences including being homeschooled, educated in the private and public sector so have a fairly good experience of the education system! I draw particular focus on learning in a visual and fun way using many mediums such as video, games, audio, art and more and believe that learning should never be dull or boring (or you are doing something wrong!) LAWΒ  Are you studying Law GCSE or A-Level or doing an undergraduate degree and need some extra tuition?Β  Or would you like some guidance on Oxbridge applications to the Law tripos?Β Do you need help completing your personal statement?Β Do you need help reading and summarising journal articles?Β Want a career as a barrister or solicitor and are not sure how to go about it?Β Then I can help! I read Law at University of Cambridge and am now at City University in which last year I won the university mooting competition. I have been president of two National Law societies and am very passionate about the subject. I am training for the bar at the moment and know a lot about the industry. So I'd be more than happy to help give you some lessons, enhance your knowledge and help with suggested reading material, brushing up your CV, and pass on all my little top tips.Β  CREATIVE WRITING; ENGLISH LANGUAGE; ENGLISH EARLY YEARS, GCSE & A-LEVEL; PROOF-READING, AUDIO TYPINGΒ  I studied for my English GCSE when I was 9 years old because it was my favourite subject and I have a very vivid imagination!Β  If English isn't your first language and you would like someone to help you with English -Β I can help with conversation, reading, and grammar.Β  If you need someone simply to read over and improve your assignments, let me help!Β  11+, ENGLISH, MATHS, VERBAL & NON-VERBAL REASONING & INTERVIEWSΒ  I have endured that process of doing 11+ and managed to be successfully admitted to many public schools. I am happy to help give you any extra help you might need.Β  I have been DRB checked to work with little ones (I am a brownie guide leader)Β  I am based in Cambridge, fairly flexible with time and happy to converse via email, Skype, telephone, face-to-face lessons, or whichever medium works for you.

Β£30Per hour
350Tutor score
1027Students helped
Zahra's profile picture

Zahra Ahmed

DBSOnline lessons

Experienced Tutor and Postgraduate Law Student at City, University of London

I am a home and online tutor based in Ilford for KS2, KS3 & GCSE - Maths, English and Science, and A-Level tuition for Maths, English Literature, Law, Psychology and Sociology. Graduate Teaching Assistant at City University. 7 years experience. DBS checked. Currently studying postgraduate law GDL at City University. Strong academic background: 8 As at GCSE, ABBC at A-Level, First Class undergraduate degree - BSc Criminology and Sociology with Quantitative Methods. I provide tuition tailored to the individual child's need on what skills and topics they require to improve. My approach is very focused on building your child's confidence in their academic abilities, and whilst teaching content and exam technique, also equipping your child with study skills that will assist them long into the future. Subjects Taught: - Maths - English - Science - Biology, Chemistry, Physics - Law - Sociology - Psychology - Political Science Tuition Rates: Primary up to GCSE - Β£11-Β£15p/h A-Level - Β£20p/h University level - Β£25p/h Experience: Core Subjects - Maths, English & Science: I have been tutoring for approximately 7 years now. I have tutored a wide variety of ages and children, particularly I have experience with KS2 SATs preparation for Year 5 & 6 children, and GCSE teaching and technique for Year 9-11, as well as teaching foundation knowledge and consolidating school topics covered in Year 7 and 8. As I have studied English Literature, Maths and Further Maths at A-Level, I am well-placed to teach maths and english sessions. I also have experience teaching GCSE Science sessions and achieved A grades in Biology, Chemistry and Physics at GCSE level myself. Law, Sociology, Psychology, Politics: Having successfully achieved a Distinction in my Undergraduate degree, I secured a Graduate Teaching Assistant role with my University, teaching on a Statistics based Sociology module. Hence, I am well placed to help social science, politics, and psychology students with report writing, essay writing, and research methods at A-Level and University level. I am currently undertaking my postgraduate law conversion course (GDL). Having achieved a Distinction (75%) in formative Land Law coursework, I am able to provide support to Law students at university or A-Level. My approach for law is to take you through core principles and cases, whilst really enabling you to summarise key information and synthesise academic arguments in order to effectively answer problem questions and essays. Online Experience: Due to the current coronavirus situation, all of my tuition lessons have moved online. I have experience tutoring online with Peer Tutor and am familiar with e.g. Liveboard, Skype and have good organisation and plans in place to deliver lessons effectively online. This includes preparation of sessions in advance, emailing resources, and using online platforms like Liveboard e.g. to provide a whiteboard space which both me (the tutor) and your child can see and follow.

Β£11Per hour
280Tutor score
161Students helped
Tessa's profile picture

Tessa Hughes

DBSOnline lessons

I’m a science PhD student at Cambridge committed to helping your academic goals

Hi I'm Tessa! I'm currently studying for my PhD at Cambridge in an interdisciplinary biosciences programme. I previously completed my undergrad at UCL in Natural Sciences, specialising in Physics and Molecular and Cell Biology for which I got a First. I know firsthand how difficult science subjects can be to master, but I am really passionate about teaching these subjects and sharing my interest. I hope to help you achieve your goals and enjoy learning as much as possible along the way. Having been through the applications process a few times myself, I am also keen to share how to successfully write a personal statement and prepare for interviews. I came from an international school with a very low Oxbridge acceptance rate, but there are definitely common factors that you can incorporate into your application to put your best foot forward at such competitive universities. I also studied Higher Level English Literature in the IB programme in school, and continue studying literature as a hobby to this day. I taught students aged 4-16 English as a second language at a private tutoring centre in Hong Kong. This allowed me to gain a lot of experience with a wide range of ages and has taught me how to change my methods and explanations to best suit the student in any situation. I have been a tutor in the UK for over three years, and have experience in both online tutoring and in person.

Β£70Per hour
230Tutor score
Karan's profile picture

Karan Mahendra Jain

Online lessons

Passionate tutor with a masters degree from University of Leicester

A master’s graduate with First Class Honours in Advanced Mechanical Engineering from University of Leicester. Since, I completed my course in September 2019. I have worked as a Teaching Assistant in the department of engineering. I was trained and certified to teach in higher education from Leicester Learning Institute. I have assisted in demonstrating mechanical oriented first year labs concerning flow measurements in pipes, and electrical oriented labs based on circuit design and analysis using PSpice. Also, assisted in second year labs helping students to learn about material selection in electromechanical devices using CES Edupack software, as well as different engineering materials microstructural properties and processing. Furthermore, I have helped in for fourth year module involving conceptual design process for turbofan engines with improvements in aero engine design configurations. Overall, my aspects of teaching involved concepts related to designing, modelling, real life applications, mathematical calculations, physics and sciences. As a tutor, I would like to give my best abilities to improvise any individuals knowledge and make sure that they succeed in each & every aspects. At the same time, my commitment to teach with supporting and delivering the learning materials with at most reliability will always be my utmost priority. I will give what it takes to make an individual completely transformed into a knowledgeable individual. I believe one becomes intelligent by not just learning the concepts, but making the best use of it by applying in the real world.

Β£20Per hour
430Tutor score
3351Students helped
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