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Yasmine W.

TEFL/TESL certified English Tutor

British born, English teacher holding TEFL/TESL Masters certificate. I’m currently studying Korean and Chinese language, my Korean being at level 3 and Chinese at beginners. I studied in South Korea from May 2019- early March 2020 and will return in September this year to continue my studies and hopefully take up a teaching or interpretation course. I have some experience teaching first hand to small groups, one-to-ones and online students ranging from ages 6-32. So far my students have been from Asian countries such as Vietnam, China and Korea, but I’d love to branch out and meet other foreign students or those trying to learn English as a second or foreign language! I am excited to broaden my horizons and meet students eager to learn English! I hope we can create a space that encourages and motivates you to learn and study English! Let’s work well together!

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Joshua D.

A language enthusiast who likes to make learning fun and productive!

Hey there! My name is Joshua and I'm a final year student at the University of Southampton. I study Modern Languages, them being French, German and Chinese. I've always had a passion for languages and I aspire to do something with them and use them in a job. I hope to to do a European Masters in Translation and Interpretation to continue to improve my proficiency in the languages I speak. I love learning languages because you are not only learning a language; you are also introduced into a new and exciting culture, where you can discover about the food, history, music, traditions, etc. of a country. The cultural competency you gain is great and is very valued with employers, since it shows you can be flexible and have great communication skills. I would love to help you with your language learning and show how fun and rewarding language learning can be! Whilst grammar can be tedious sometimes, I like to make it more enjoyable, since you learn things much better when you like what you are doing. For languages, there are many ways in which you can improve, and I would make sure that all the main skills are covered in order to improve - these being listening, reading, writing and speaking skills. These skills would not be improved just through the use of a textbook - videos, role plays, listening exercises, flashcards, quizzes, etc. would all be used to bring variety to the learning. Every lesson will be different, since I feel that in order to learn efficiently, variety is needed to keep the student interested. At the beginning of each lesson, clear and achievable learning goals will be set out, so they know what to reach for and what to expect in each lesson. At any point during the lesson, the student may ask me questions about the learning content or if they're confused about their learning goals, so that we can both progress together efficiently and productively. I will also gain an understanding from the pupil about what their preferred learning methods are, so that I can tailor to their individual needs - are they more of a visual learner, for example. Learning will be achieved through a range of ways such as vocabulary and grammar exercises with flashcards and quizzes for reading and writing skills, role-play and dialogue exercises to improve speaking skills, past papers for exam preparation, etc. Other activities may be listening to foreign music and playing language games - all to facilitate and encourage learning. Allof these activities will be centred around the work of the student, i.e. around the A-level syllabus, GCSE practice papers, etc. The progress will be measured through all these activities, where I will keep note of test scores and change the difficulty and content of the lesson, based on the progress they are making and learning goals.

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Alice W.

Dedicated tutor and undergraduate at Kingston University, London

My main aim as a qualified tutor is to ensure that I understand each individual student to ensure that they can learn in their own way. I have two years experience tutoring English Literature A-Level as well as two years experience as an English Language teacher. I specialised in GCSE English Language retakes and have a solid understanding of the skills needed to pass the exams. I like to get to know my students on both a personal and professional level, as I believe that it is key to building a comfortable learning environment.

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Victoria B.

Help for all year groups from primary to secondary. Based in West Sussex.

I have a website for my business Volta Tutoring so please visit that for more information. My name is Victoria Bramley and I am 16 years old and currently in year 12 studying Theatre Studies, English Literature and Art. As I am still a young person myself, I am more specialised in the subject courses and exam boards that I studied at GCSE so if you are looking for tutoring for year 10 or year 11, please see the menu below that states which exam board I sat the exams with. Feel free to get in contact with me using the email form below with any other queries or questions about the courses/texts that I studied. My name is Victoria Bramley. I am a confident and cheery 16 year old girl who has a passion for working with children and young people, and helping people as best as I can. I have just finished my GCSE exams and am looking for something exciting to fill my time over the summer. I have helped at a dance class called "Blossom Creative" which was for primary school aged children. I enjoyed working with the kids, teaching them and helping them to have the best time possible. I learned how to teach and learned that I love working with other people. In the future, I would love to be a teacher and I believe that taking on a leadership role during tutoring will be really beneficial for my future, and for the students that i am tutoring. Prices, timings and venue? The prices will vary depending on the age of the students and wether it is a regular lesson or a one-off. If it is not an online session, the venue of the lesson will also depend on the location of the student and we can work out the easiest option such as me coming to your house, or meeting at a mutual location such as local library. Please feel free to email me below for more information or queries.

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Rebecca C.

Experienced primary teacher and 11+ tutor

I am  Becky Corden, a fully qualified primary teacher with 16 years of experience teaching children aged 3-11. I specialise in primary Maths and English plus I can deliver the full 11 plus curriculum. I was a Maths Lead Teacher in schools for 6 years before taking a break from the classroom to focus on private tuition and freelance educational writing.

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