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Rebecca C.

Passionate tutor and experienced English teacher

I am a qualified and experienced English Teacher currently available for tuition, either online or face to face. I strive to ensure that each and every one of my students achieves all that they are capable of and I aim to share my love of my subject, and of learning itself, with those I work with.

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150tutor score
is available for online tuition
actively helped 73+ students
answered 2+ questions
£40per hour
Ayanda P.

Passionate Qualified Teacher!

I am a qualified teacher. I am a fun and enthusiastic person with a love for learning. I truly believe every child can achieve the highest grades, all they need is encouragement and confidence, I aim to impart that confidence in every child, I must say, that process has been very successful with the children I have worked with. Every child is unique and need different types of attention and learning skills, I tend to teach every student in a unique or customised way so that they gain the best out of our time and get those grades! I analyse what brain type they are, how they want to be taught and what the best learning methods for that child are, I also look at their personal life because that reflects on how well they are doing in education. Many parents may not know this, but kids tend to perform better at school when they have a vibrant social life. I encourage parents to get their kids involved in various activities that compliment their childrens' personalities. Every child is valuable and has the potential in them they just need someone to believe in them that's all. I graduated at the top of my class and I know that's possible for everyone.

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230tutor score
is available for online tuition
answered 1+ questions
£30per hour
Michelle E.

Experienced and qualified Primary teacher based in Dunstable, Bedfordshire

I am a experienced and qualified teacher who can provide tuition for maths and English in the local area. I am passionate about helping my students reach their potential through personalised session based on students needs, abilities, interests and learning styles.

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210tutor score
is available for online tuition
£15per hour
Oskar A.

A savvy tutor that will help you with homework!

A funny and nice tutor that will help you with your homework. I have studied history for many years.

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140tutor score
is available for online tuition
answered 1+ questions
£1per hour
Elese A.

Passionate tutor and undergraduate at Lancaster University

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130tutor score
is available for online tuition
£10per hour