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Zhane's profile picture

Zhane Connolly

I am an art and English tutor my approach is fun and educational !

I am 24 years old & have 5 years experience of tutoring english language and literature to students from primary level reading /phonics /creative writing classes up to GCSE and also have experience teaching for the 11 plus examination preparation and IELTS test practice / business English classes . My experience teaching at the National Portrait Gallery for 3 years, organising art activities for the 7-19 age group, helped me to understand how effective one to one teaching can be and how much progress can be made! I graduated from The University of The Arts London, Camberwell college of arts with a BA in Fine Art Painting in 2017. I have a level 3 diploma in child development and education open university course. Achieved pass ( topics involved practicing good safeguarding practices) Methods of learning strategies and using learning resources) And have completed the Level 6 in project management studies -uk public college achieved merit level. ( methods of research in the archival section using museum Westminster archives centre as a resource) Teaching English as a foreign language diploma British Council uk study centre. Topics covered: planning of resources textbook and online. Sentence and error correction formulation Conflict / resolution method - find the problem areas to improve your level eg. Beginner, intermediate, upper intermediate, advanced. English pronounciation training through voice recognition. St Thomas More language College Chelsea  2005-2011     GCSES in   English literature  A* English  language A Art                     B Geography.      B ICT.                    B Religious Studies    A BTEC applied  science level 3    Pass  World history A *   Richmond college twickenham 2011-2013     A levels Philosophy B History of Art B English literature A   Fine Art. A       Kensington and Chelsea college  2013     Foundation diploma in art and design level 4 Distinction* ( printmaking, photography,painting,collage)   Please message to find out more, I will be able to tailor the lesson to suit you!

£25Per hour
330Tutor score
744Students helped
M H's profile picture


Online lessons

KCL maths graduate | Finance Professional | 7 years of tutoring experience

On maths tuition: I've been passionate about maths since my early school days and, in college, I taught myself all the Further Maths modules in one year as my college didn't teach them. As part of my work as a trainee actuary at one of the UK's most reputable consultancy firms, I have to do a lot of exams, majority of which are mathematically rigorous and challenging. I also enjoy learning new things about maths everyday as part of my work which often involves breaking down complex actuarial/mathematical problems to easy manageable steps so that the non-technical recipients of my work can understand the final results easily. This helps sharpen my teaching skills too! Since my uni days until now, I've provided one-to-one maths tuition to secondary school, GCSE and A-level students. However, due to other commitments and time constraints, I'm now able to provide maths tuition to A-level students only. On Bangla tuition: Bangla is my mother tongue. I did my schooling in Bangladesh in a Bangla medium school (before moving to the UK and going to college and university) and so have a very strong grasp of the language. I've also been in good practice thanks to my dad's language services agency as part of which I often help out with a variety of translation projects from English to Bengali (and vice versa). I am available to provide Bengali tuition to students of any level.

£30Per hour
240Tutor score
1192Students helped
Faith's profile picture

Faith Lee

Online lessons

Enthusiastic tutor in chemistry and maths

I have graduated from high school in the UK and am currently studying Medicine at UCL. I am very interested in science subjects, and have taken them in A levels, receiving 3A*s. I would therefore like to share my ways of studying as well as exam techniques. I am a curious and enthusiastic individual who is particularly interested in Chemistry. I have been involved in Chemical Analytical Challenges and Symposiums. At school, I have also given biology presentations, including topics of epilepsy and effects of chocolate on the brain. I enjoy learning about the human system as it allows me to understand fully on how our body responds to different situations. I also had the experience of teaching Mathematics, alongside sciences. I have achieved A* within a year in A level maths, with UMS 581/600. I relish the logical thinking in Maths and have tutored several students, giving them advice on how to approach a question when prompted. From past experiences, I adopted a wide range of teaching styles, ranging from interactive whiteboards during online tutoring, to providing quizzes and exercises during face-to-face tutoring. I believe that this interaction will enhance visual learning and enable students to retain knowledge and be more interested in the subject. I am a native Chinese speaker and have taken Chinese GCSE and AS level. In my free time, I am an avid violinist and was the leader of Symphony Orchestra. I have taken music as one of my GCSEs before and I particularly enjoyed the classical pieces studied during the course. I hope to connect with more people and influence students with my passion for the subjects through teaching. Please contact me if interested. Thank you very much.

£30Per hour
350Tutor score
7293Students helped
Zahra's profile picture

Zahra Ahmed

DBSOnline lessons

Experienced Tutor and Postgraduate Law Student at City, University of London

I am a home and online tutor based in Ilford for KS2, KS3 & GCSE - Maths, English and Science, and A-Level tuition for Maths, English Literature, Law, Psychology and Sociology. Graduate Teaching Assistant at City University. 7 years experience. DBS checked. Currently studying postgraduate law GDL at City University. Strong academic background: 8 As at GCSE, ABBC at A-Level, First Class undergraduate degree - BSc Criminology and Sociology with Quantitative Methods. I provide tuition tailored to the individual child's need on what skills and topics they require to improve. My approach is very focused on building your child's confidence in their academic abilities, and whilst teaching content and exam technique, also equipping your child with study skills that will assist them long into the future. Subjects Taught: - Maths - English - Science - Biology, Chemistry, Physics - Law - Sociology - Psychology - Political Science Tuition Rates: Primary up to GCSE - £11-£15p/h A-Level - £20p/h University level - £25p/h Experience: Core Subjects - Maths, English & Science: I have been tutoring for approximately 7 years now. I have tutored a wide variety of ages and children, particularly I have experience with KS2 SATs preparation for Year 5 & 6 children, and GCSE teaching and technique for Year 9-11, as well as teaching foundation knowledge and consolidating school topics covered in Year 7 and 8. As I have studied English Literature, Maths and Further Maths at A-Level, I am well-placed to teach maths and english sessions. I also have experience teaching GCSE Science sessions and achieved A grades in Biology, Chemistry and Physics at GCSE level myself. Law, Sociology, Psychology, Politics: Having successfully achieved a Distinction in my Undergraduate degree, I secured a Graduate Teaching Assistant role with my University, teaching on a Statistics based Sociology module. Hence, I am well placed to help social science, politics, and psychology students with report writing, essay writing, and research methods at A-Level and University level. I am currently undertaking my postgraduate law conversion course (GDL). Having achieved a Distinction (75%) in formative Land Law coursework, I am able to provide support to Law students at university or A-Level. My approach for law is to take you through core principles and cases, whilst really enabling you to summarise key information and synthesise academic arguments in order to effectively answer problem questions and essays. Online Experience: Due to the current coronavirus situation, all of my tuition lessons have moved online. I have experience tutoring online with Peer Tutor and am familiar with e.g. Liveboard, Skype and have good organisation and plans in place to deliver lessons effectively online. This includes preparation of sessions in advance, emailing resources, and using online platforms like Liveboard e.g. to provide a whiteboard space which both me (the tutor) and your child can see and follow.

£11Per hour
280Tutor score
140Students helped
Sabrina's profile picture

Sabrina Tutoring

Online lessons

Excellent Civil Engineering student offering A level Maths & Sciences support

I am a civil engineering student and I studied Maths, Physics and Chemistry as my A level subjects, from which I got outstanding results, A*AA. This led me to studying civil engineering at a Russell Group Uni - Warwick University! I am also working at the same time at a big Engineering company as an Assistant Civil Engineer. My excellent academic career has nurtured in me a natural talent for teaching. My experiences have taught me how to tackle one problem at a time, and I believe that using this approach—paired with my unconventional examples that force students to think outside the box—I can truly provide an excellent understanding and explanation. One of the main reasons you are seeing this ad is that I really enjoy teaching Maths, numbers and everything that has to do with it, because every day, every step is Maths, believe me! Also, I am very dedicated to making others understand it better and change their attitude towards this subject, as I hear many people say they 'hate it'. So, if that is you, you're in the right place! I also love teaching Sciences as they communicate us the way the universe is created and why everything happens! The first time I realised that people understand the way I explain things, was with my friends; sometimes they would understand me better than the teacher and I have volunteered at school and other organizations to teach other students. Most of the students I have taught were university students who struggled with the Engineering Mathematics modules, Structural Mechanics etc. I have taught A level/BTEC/KS3/KS4 students too!

£20Per hour
210Tutor score
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