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Online Geography Tutors

Phoebe's profile picture

Phoebe Rogers

Online lessons

Iโ€™d love to help students enjoy studying at home!

Hi, Iโ€™m Phoebe! Please send requests directly to my email as I do not have access to Scoodle pro: A little about me: I am currently on my gap year and I am excited to be going to university in September to study English. It is a confusing time and you may feel uncertain about the most effective way to study at home but I can help! If itโ€™s English, we can read through texts and analyse together. Finding film adaptations and audiobooks is always a good way to engage with a novel as well. If itโ€™s Geography, I can help with exam technique as well as the more complicated content. Just let me know what youโ€™re finding tricky, no matter how small!

ยฃ10Per hour
370Tutor score
23Students helped
Matthew's profile picture

Matthew Osborne-James

Online lessons

Tutor of humanities

Tutor of humanities

ยฃ40Per hour
335Tutor score
0Students helped
Olivia's profile picture

Olivia Fenwick

Online lessons

Versatile tutor and who is ready to teach!

I currently study A-level Geography, Maths and Economics and more than happy to help with any questions you may have ๐Ÿฅฐ

ยฃ10Per hour
400Tutor score
8Students helped
Mehmoona Humeira's profile picture

Mehmoona Humeira Akhter

Online lessons

A patient and kind mentor

I mentor my students in a strategic yet friendly way. My tuition includes integrated reading and writing to offer a new perspective to learning. My services extend to monitoring, assessing, and re-mediating my students performance. As a part of my service I develop and implement comprehensive lesson plans that accommodate my students level of understanding. I implement comprehensive lesson plans that allow my studentโ€™s grasp the materials. I Identify and select appropriate resources to meet each student`s diverse needs and use integrated worksheets to vary lessons and consolidate concepts. I have worked with individuals of varying academic ability.I Identify and select appropriate resources to meet the student`s diverse needs and integrated worksheets to vary lessons and consolidate concepts.

ยฃ30Per hour
380Tutor score
0Students helped
Wayne's profile picture

Wayne Levett

Online lessons

Seasoned tutor and undergraduate at University of South Australia

Australian born teacher, with over 9years experience working with children. 6 of those years have been as a classroom teacher. Iโ€™m a very extraverted, at times crazy teacher, my role in the classroom is to make learning fun. I get excited and am passionate about art / drama / history / sociology and how different cultures act and interact. I have a passion for German culture and have started learning basic Arabic .

ยฃ25Per hour
355Tutor score
2Students helped
Vaishnavi's profile picture

Vaishnavi Bhairappa

Online lessons

A graduate student who love to teach and share her knowledge

I have done my Graduation in BBA in Marketing Specialisation, currently pursuing my MBA in same specialisation, I love to teach students and share my knowledge with them

ยฃ6Per hour
255Tutor score
0Students helped
Teuntje's profile picture

Teuntje Van Doormalen

Online lessons

Experienced tutor

Hi! My name is Teuntje. I am originally from the Netherlands but have been living in London for over a year. I have worked as a tutor for 2 years before joining Scoodle and am known to be a fun, helpful and concise second brain to help you (or your child) understand complicated matters and help you learn how to learn.

ยฃ25Per hour
280Tutor score
0Students helped
Aazim's profile picture

Aazim Ihsan

Online lessons

Highly Experienced City of London Based Tutor

A highly qualified University of London post-graduate with ample tutoring experience. I strongly believe the ethos โ€œlearning never exhausts the mindโ€ and when a student is fully engaged with their subject, they can truly enjoy the fruits of their labour. Aloha! I am a graduate of Geography (BSc.) from Queen Mary University of London whom later undertook a Masters degree in Geophysical Hazards at University College London. I am currently taking time away from formal studies to enjoy the subject of Volcanology (the study of volcanoes) before embarking on a PhD. I became strongly passionate for the study of the Earth and its processes at a young age. I was very fortunate to have teachers who really enthusiastic about their subject. Thus the drive to question and answer complex theories began from Year 7. Throughout my time as a tutor, I have been able to blend engaging lessons and hard work to help students succeed and reach both personal and academic goals. I have over five years of tutoring experience at a local tutoring firm specialising in teaching children with learning and behavioural difficulties reach academic goals. I am incredibly proud of each student I have taught over the years as they have all been able to improve and enjoy all subjects required of them. I am always asked the time old question by teenage students โ€œI donโ€™t like Maths; why do I need to learn it if I am not going to be a Maths teacher or an accountant?โ€ I do not blame them; I was asking the same questions at their age! As adults we take the skills we learnt at school for granted and it is imperative that every child finds enjoyment and practical use for each subject being taught โ€“ and this is instilled in every lesson taught. Whilst at university, I have been privileged to teach students at outreach events over London; at schools, university fairs and even open days within prestigious societies such as the Royal Society of Arts and the Royal Geographical Society. As I am currently in academia at one of the top Russell Group Universities, I will teach all pupils the teaching and learning principles required for university students. I strongly believe that this quality of teaching will give all those wishing to pursue higher education a firmer stance in gaining the best possible degree. I also offer help with UCAS application and personal statements for university applications. In addition I am currently a course titled โ€œSurvivors Course for First Year Universityโ€ for current first year students at all London universities. This will cover the basics required to see you through your degree including personal timetabling and organisation to how to effectively read journal articles. I specialise in the following subjects with ample experience in tutoring these areas too: Geography โ€“ All ages including GCSE, A-Level and degree (BSc.) Geology - All ages including GCSE, A-Level and degree (BSc.) Biology โ€“ All ages including, GCSE and A-Level Chemistry โ€“ All ages including GCSE and A-Level Physics โ€“ All ages including GCSE and A-Level Maths โ€“ All ages up to GCSE English โ€“ All ages up to GCSE 11+ - I am highly proficient in teaching all aspects of the 11+ tested areas including Maths, English and verbal and non-verbal reasoning for schools who still test this area. Recent students have gained places at; Wilsons School Wallington, Royal Russell School South Croydon, Whitgift Boys School South Croydon, Trinity Boys School South Croydon and Tiffins Girls in Kingston-Upon-Thames. Thank you for taking the time to read my profile. Please drop me a message if you require any more information. Ciao for now! Aazim

ยฃ60Per hour
335Tutor score
0Students helped
Gemma's profile picture

Gemma Cauchi

Online lessons

Geography nerd, 1st class Geography degree holder & English teacher!

I am an English teacher living in Hong Kong. I have a 1st class degree in Geography and Environmental Management. I have been teaching for over 2 years now and before that I was an Environmental Engineer for 5 years so I have a well-rounded background!

ยฃ15Per hour
360Tutor score
0Students helped
Simran's profile picture

Simran Patel

Online lessons

Seasoned tutor and postgraduate law student at University College London (UCL)

I have recently finished my masters in law, and also have an undergraduate degree in law. I completed A levels in English, Geography and History, achieving AAB. I have various tutoring and mentoring experience.

ยฃ20Per hour
355Tutor score
38Students helped