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Online German Tutors

Jerome's profile picture

Jerome Trompelt

Online lessons

Experienced tutor and undergraduate at university of Leipzig

Hi! My name is Jerome and nearly 40 years ago, I was born in a small town in East Germany. I have been living in London for three years now and after working for companies like Mercedes-Benz and Google Maps, I now want to spend some time to help learners of the German language to practice their skills and keep them from going mad at our articles and never ending nouns. Not to mention our specialty รค; รถ and รผ. At university I took 3 semester of German as a foreign language which gave me some basics how to explain the pitfalls of this language. Later I taught English in Thailand and Indonesia. If you want to go deep into grammar or just chat away some time over coffee, choose me as your tutor and Iโ€™ll give my best for you to study and have some fun at the same time. Hope to see you soon and bis bald

ยฃ25Per hour
400Tutor score
1Students helped
Maisy's profile picture

Maisy Vincent

Online lessons

Passionate student who wants students to be the best they can be.

Iโ€™m currently studying for my A Levels and want to help GCSE students do the best they can. The new exams are tricky and help from someone who has gone through them is invaluable.

ยฃ6Per hour
255Tutor score
0Students helped
Marion Bernadina's profile picture

Marion Bernadina Kradepohl

Online lessons

Resourceful tutor and undergraduate at University Enschede Netherlands

ยฃ34Per hour
280Tutor score
0Students helped
Rebecca's profile picture

Rebecca Cordina

Online lessons

I am a Biology student at the University of Greenwich and work often with disabled students, being one myself. I have a passion for science, language and history. I enjoy sharing knowledge, with an emphasis on the studentโ€™s individual learning style.

ยฃ15Per hour
360Tutor score
0Students helped
Teresa's profile picture

Teresa 3

Online lessons

ยฃ20Per hour
280Tutor score
0Students helped
Ahmed's profile picture

Ahmed El Mansoury

Online lessons

Enthusiastic GCSE &A-level chemistry Qualified Lecturer

I have had a wide experience in Chemistry, both in the industry and in academia through my study of Chemistry PhD at the University of Leeds, the University of Bradford, and the Gerhard-Mercator-Universitรคt in Duisburg, Germany. I also have a wide experience in teaching as a qualified lecturer and a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy in further and higher education. I have delivered over 1720 sessions mostly in Chemistry A level, as well as at GCSE and degree-level both in person and online, with over 70 concurrent repeat students and overall very good feedback.

ยฃ27Per hour
355Tutor score
0Students helped
Victoria's profile picture

Victoria Bramley

Online lessons

Help for all year groups from primary to secondary. Based in West Sussex.

I have a website for my business Volta Tutoring so please visit that for more information. My name is Victoria Bramley and I am 16 years old and currently in year 12 studying Theatre Studies, English Literature and Art. As I am still a young person myself, I am more specialised in the subject courses and exam boards that I studied at GCSE so if you are looking for tutoring for year 10 or year 11, please see the menu below that states which exam board I sat the exams with. Feel free to get in contact with me using the email form below with any other queries or questions about the courses/texts that I studied. My name is Victoria Bramley. I am a confident and cheery 16 year old girl who has a passion for working with children and young people, and helping people as best as I can. I have just finished my GCSE exams and am looking for something exciting to fill my time over the summer. I have helped at a dance class called "Blossom Creative" which was for primary school aged children. I enjoyed working with the kids, teaching them and helping them to have the best time possible. I learned how to teach and learned that I love working with other people. In the future, I would love to be a teacher and I believe that taking on a leadership role during tutoring will be really beneficial for my future, and for the students that i am tutoring. Prices, timings and venue? The prices will vary depending on the age of the students and wether it is a regular lesson or a one-off. If it is not an online session, the venue of the lesson will also depend on the location of the student and we can work out the easiest option such as me coming to your house, or meeting at a mutual location such as local library. Please feel free to email me below for more information or queries.

ยฃ15Per hour
255Tutor score
0Students helped
Hanna's profile picture

Hanna Beyer

Online lessons

I'm here to teach you science๐Ÿ˜€

I used to work in academia and industry (biomedical sciences, biochemistry and chemistry) before training as a secondary school teacher in science. Since then I have been tutoring students at various age levels, ranging from preschool to A-level / IB. I really enjoy working with student and helping them prepare for exams, with homework or just discussing science topics with them. I have over 7 years experience. I am also an assistant examiner for CIE and have authored various revision materials including Revision Buddies and Pearson. I have experience with all exam boards and types of exams, e.g. IGCSE, GCSE, A-level, IB, common entrance.

ยฃ35Per hour
375Tutor score
74Students helped
Saravana's profile picture

Saravana Kumar

Online lessons

Experienced and dedicated tutor with high patience in chem and math

I have profound knowledge in chemistry, catalysis and nanomaterials. I am well ware of the subject knowledge as have l taken both 500 and 700 level courses in Inorganic and physical chemistry. I obtained both masters and doctoral level on chemistry and inorganic nanochemistry respectively. I will be assisting the students with thier lesson and homeworks in step by step clarification. l have been providing tutoring for years through online as well as in university class rooms as teaching assistant. Tutoring includes both physical and organic chemistry problems and routine lessons. I would be so excited in providing solutions to students with thier complecated problems. I would like to emphasize that the students entering with complecated unsolvable problem leaves with solution and easy and viable way of approach. Moreover with teaching proficiency in prealgebra and precalculus, l would be comfortable in tutoring high school math, ACT and SAT math. With experience in tutoring Math for years, l would be willing to provide the students with level of high quality profeciency. My qualification in tutoring undergraduate level students on physical chemistry and organic chemistry would hallemgw them to attain the required scores in competitive exams. I have trained many students in the past and this is listed in my profile. Its been abserved that the students with learning attitude never leaves off my classroom for the entire semester or year. I guess those willing to learn from scratches would approach me and learn the bits in the subject.

ยฃ20Per hour
255Tutor score
0Students helped
Emily's profile picture

Emily Chapman

Online lessons

Half-German, History loving bookworm. Experienced and passionate tutor.

Recent English graduate who is passionate about fostering exciting and engaging learning environments

ยฃ20Per hour
335Tutor score
0Students helped