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Tasif's profile picture

Tasif Zaman

DBSOnline lessons

Experienced UCAS advisor and A Level tutor

A dedicated, experienced and creative tutor. I'm currently an HR prifessional with a background in mainstream education and social enterprises. I completed a BSc in Politics and Philosophy at the London School of Economics. Tutoring Experience: I've been tutoring GCSE and A levels in Maths and Government and Politics respectively since 2008 one to one. Having worked as a Graduate Achievement Coach at Bethnal Green Academy for two years, I helped students prepare for GCSE maths examinations,Sixth Form students apply to university and coach young people to make informed decisions about their future. In 2014/15 I also tutored two International Relations undergraduate students from Queen Mary University (University of London) My previous tutee from First Tutors took AS Religious Studies as an additional subject outside of her school curriculum. She achieved an A grade having only studied with me for 2 hours a week over 4-5 months. My students have consistently performed in their examinations and benefited overall academically from my interaction with them. Tutoring Approach: I'm also experienced in helping my students develop key study skills and unlock their potential by focusing on also developing their motivation and key skills such as time management and effective planning. I believe that the best way to develop a student's academic skills is to empower them rather then make them dependent on tuition, thus I strive to help them help themselves, by teaching them key skills that will be useful throughout their academic career as well as providing support in the desired subject area.

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275Tutor score
Sheena's profile picture

Sheena Hanley

Online lessons

Experienced tutor for adults & children - Currently tutoring online

Tutoring in English, History and Art! - Currently tutoring online! Qualifications: โ€ข MA (in progress) in Creative Writing โ€ข BA (Hons) English Language and Literature with Creative Writing โ€ข TEFL โ€“ in 120 hours Teaching English Teaching Experience โ€ข 6 Years โ€ข Across 4 countries worldwide โ€ข Classroom and interactive lessons โ€ข Structured lesson plans, assessments. โ€ข English & Swimming Tutor Experience โ€ข 2 year โ€ข English & Creative Writing Profile I have developed my early working path around a well founded work ethic and excellent client relations over my years in professional roles. I have 8 years professional experience across 5 sectors, including 5 years Teaching and 1 year in Journalism. During my professional career I have taught for two companies, across four centres providing me with an abundance of experience working with children and a deep understanding of learning techniques. Additionally I also have an understanding of the importance of relaying information to parents regarding progress to make sure all parties are up to date and in sync to a common goal. Other teaching experience includes having had the opportunity to teach English in three countries across the world as a TEFL English teacher. Aside from teaching English & Creative writing, professionally I create content for businesses in the form of social media content, articles, newsletters etc and teach aquatics. My strength in teaching lie within initially building a strong report with a child, from there I can then determine their strengths and weaknesses to focus my tuition on areas they are in need. To do this my method of teaching includes gently pushing academic boundaries to expand on their current knowledge whilst keeping the lessons informative and interesting. Outside of my professional life I am a family oriented person who regularly spends time volunteering for different charities.

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350Tutor score
1686Students helped
Nelma's profile picture

Nelma Antonio

Online lessons

Enthusiastic and helpful Politics, History, psychology and English Tutor!

Experienced, friendly tutor and MA in International Political Economy from King`s College. I have hundreds of hours of tutoring experience from GCSE to Undergraduate level. I am a friendly and relaxed tutor who employs a methodical and tactical approach. I believe that my approach enables me to relate to my students and helps them to exceed their expectations when it comes to exams. During university I was the Head Learning Coordinator for the entry to university programme, Springboard. Here I mentored and guided a cohort of 30 pupils through their GCSE exam preparations. Since graduating in 2014 I have built up thousands of hours of tutoring experience both through face to face and online tuition. 7 plus and 11 plus: I have experience of assisting students with all elements of these admissions tests (English, Maths, Verbal Reasoning and Non Verbal Reasoning). I have successfully assisted students in gaining entrance to the following schools as of 2017: Haberdasher Askeโ€™s St.Michael`s Grammar (Finchley) GCSE and A Level: I have worked with students from many Independent Schools as well as both Selective and Non Selective State Schools. Each of my students has achieved top grades with none gaining lower than a B at A Level and the vast majority outperforming all predictions. I have tutored my subjects for all main exam boards including WJEC and CIE at GCSE and OCR, AQA, WJEC and Edexcel at A Level. UCAS, Interview Prep: I have experience helping students work on their personalised statements as part of the UCAS process as well as successfully preparing them for University Interviews and Oxbridge Entrance Tests. My students have gained admission to the following Universities as of 2014: Oxford St Andrews Durham UCL Kings College London Queen Mary London School of Economics Edinburgh Loughborough Manchester Southampton Nottingham Bath Exeter University Students/Adult Learners: I have assisted students at university with essay refinement and dissertation preparation in a number of fields with recent topics including African Politics, Knowledge-based economies, BRICS and other emerging markets and military interventions. With Adult Learners I am happy to work through any topic area covered by my range of experience, and this can be tailored around the required intensity of academic rigour needed for the students personal interests/study. I am experienced working with students on the Autism spectrum and with students who have dyslexia and dyspraxia. My approach to tutoring is adapted to suit the needs and requirements of the individual. I will set my students homework between sessions, setting manageable homework, with adequate time for completion. I often ensure that I have a thorough undertanding of students work load, and will work with them to ensure that their time is being managed effectively. With younger students it is often the case of focusing in on elements of the entrance exams they are weaker with as many students score inconsistently across the four disciplines. Ideally tutoring should form part of a well-rounded curriculum which incorporates many elements such as sports/recreational activities, museum trips, reading around the subject all of which I will actively encourage during the lessons. I often like to give an indication of how long students would need tuition for. This is to ensure that dependancy on the tutor is discouraged and students are empowered to eventually take charge of their own learning. Tutoring sessions are varied and include learning, note taking, revision, discussion, exam technique and test questions. These are tailored to the individual student. I often get my older students to write responses and then show them ways in which the question could be answered or interpreted differently. This allows for increased dexterity therefore building confidence both for class work and examinations. With younger students lots of practice tests and mock questions form the main basis of enhancing their performance. Cambridge offer holder, I always push my students to reach the full height of their potential and it is this continual focus on improving which leads to my students outperforming their expectations and achieving consistently high top results. Please note that I am willing to travel to North, North West and West London

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250Tutor score
368Students helped
Saima's profile picture

Saima B

Online lessons

Masters medic @QueenMaryMedical school! Love teaching the sciences and medicine

Professional and very easy going! I am currently a Masters student at Queen Mary Barts Medical school. I completed my undergraduate studies at St Georges Medical hospital, where I worked all over London, developing a passion to learn about oncology( the study of cancer).I love studying but I also love to teach you retain 95% of the information! I have successfully mentored many students to their dream schools, with most of my students achieving grades 8 and 9 as I selectively choose tailored revision techniques method that are personalised. I have always had a passion for medicine and sciences from an early age ,and I have a keen interest in human anatomy. I spend most of my academic day dissecting cadavers and thus am very passionate about human biology. I am now a competent practitioner who works in the hospital, currently doing my masters to add to my knowledge about mental health. I also am an avid historian and spent my gap year exploring many historical sites. I have a passion to write and thus, English language and literature became a hobby for me and due to this passion for writing I did a 5th A-level in college in creative writing! In my spare time,I like to hike and camp and in Wales as I love spending time outdoors! I am a sporty young girl who actively takes part in basketball and like to stay fit by going gym twice a week. I love to help people and thus why I decided to tutor, everything I do is with 100 percent passion and take very seriously. Please email me and I can contact you to see if I can help you achieve academically.

ยฃ35Per hour
210Tutor score
Daniela's profile picture

Daniela Vordermaier

Online lessons

Experienced tutor and postgraduate at Paris Lodron University of Salzburg

I am a historian and art historian who recently completed two masterโ€™s programmes with distinction at the University of Salzburg in Austria and have been working as a tutor for 5 years both in a university setting with adults at the age of 17 to 70 and in an informal environment with children at the age of 4 to 15. As I am also trained as a classical guitarist and singer after having completed a 15-years education at an Austrian musical school and an experienced stage musician, I have been teaching classical guitar, singing and music theory as well as art history with a special emphasis on iconography and academic writing since 2015. Although I am a native German speaker, I also give one-to-one Italian and English lessons in a marketing company whereas I teach all of these subjects both face-to-face and via online learning structures such as Skype, Whatsapp and Microsoft teams. All my lessons are tailor-made regarding every individual student's wishes about contents, methodical and theoretical basics in order to make every lesson fun, enjoyable and the most useful for my students! If you are looking for an enthusiastic, passionate and patient guitar, singing, music theory, Italian, English, history or art history teacher who has lots of experience and loves to help you, your child or partner succeed in their chosen subject, I would love to offer my service.

ยฃ15Per hour
220Tutor score
68Students helped
Susan's profile picture

Susan Tailby

Online lessons

Happy Humanities Tutor helping learners to achieve their potential

I enjoy helping others to achieve their potential and become successful independent learners. From 2005 until 2017 I worked in a variety of e-learning trainer roles in Further Education colleges. This involved supporting students from 14 through to 60+ in their research at A-level, Undergraduate and Masters level covering topics such as successfully using online journals, specialist databases and improving their study skills. The support took the form of one to ones, small groups and large group/class sessions. At one college, a high proportion of degree level students had varying degrees of Dyslexia - it was great to be a part of the college-wide team instilling increased confidence in learners. Now, I've retrained as a teacher. During my PGCE placements, I worked in ESOL, Adult Literacy, GCSE, GCSE resit and A-level classes. Since January 2020, I've been self-employed, supporting two clients with English as a second or other language. In my spare time, I proof read a Dyslexic friend's University essays, working through strategies to help him with spelling, phonics, punctuation and grammar. I've further proof read another friend's Masters and now PhD coursework. I very much enjoying helping others and seeing them achieve their full potential. In my spare, spare time I've been a volunteer for a year in CLEAR Project ESOL classes as a Learning Support Assistant (LSA) and been a weekly volunteer in English Conversation groups at the University of Southampton, (since 2015) and Burgess Road Library (since 2017). At this difficult time, although my experience is with 14+ learners, I'm happy to help primary learners too. I enjoy History as a hobby as well as studying it and look forward in going back into teaching it.

ยฃ20Per hour
210Tutor score
Victoria's profile picture

Victoria Bremner

Online lessons

History MA Graduate tutoring German and History

Hi! Iโ€™m a 23 year old MA Graduate from UCL who is looking forward to tutoring you in German or History at all levels! I have been in academia for a number of years now and have focused much of my energies into studying. At the same time I have refined the ways in which I tackle exams and assessments. I am looking forward to sharing this with you and helping you achieve your goals. I went to school in Scotland and studied in England, so I am able to assist tutoring history and exam technique at all levels: -National 5 History -Higher History -Advanced Higher History -Bachelor of Art -Master's At whatever level I look forward to strengthening your subject comprehension, boost confidence, and build important learning skills and overcoming any learning obstacles you are having together! :) I prefer to centre my teaching methods around what you as the student are requiring. My time during school and university has required me to test out a number of different tuition methods. I understand that every person learns differently. I look forward to helping you find what works for you. Alternatively if you already have a particular method of learning you prefer I am happy to follow it. Moreover, as I myself, have dyslexia, I have a greater understanding of the struggles this can bring to some students therefore I am also happy to support students who are requiring this support.

ยฃ15Per hour
615Tutor score
2368Students helped
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