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Juyoung K.#Industrial-Design #Art-craft #now_as_a_chef #Broadcasting-System_Intern
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I'm an active and enthusiastic person. I want to get experience a lot in London. I love Korean as well. I can teach your Korean if you want. Especially I studied about licence of Korean before I came here. Also if you have any question about Korean culture, I'll always be opened and ready to talk with you. If you have any questions, feel free to message me.

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Tianyu F.Graduate from The University of Edinburgh and skilled tutor
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Native Mandarin Chinese speaker, fluent in speaking English. Skilful in teaching maths. Korean Topik test level 4 certificate.

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ėĢžė˜ 강.Seasoned tutor and undergraduate at Seoul women's university
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I’m passionate about teaching Korean

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Angelyque M.Passionate tutor and who is ready to teach!
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