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Elena's profile picture

Elena Michael

ProOnline lessons

Experience 2+ years ABA, mental health, SEN and Academic Tutor

Hello! My name is Elena and I am a postgraduate law student. I am currently studying with the view to becoming a barrister. I have 2+ years of experience as an academic tutor. I have taught over 40 students from the ages of 5 to 21 and I have experience working with students with Pervasive Developmental Disorders (PDD) and managing mental health conditions. Furthermore, I worked as a teaching assistant for two years, teaching Modern Greek to young children as a foreign language. Please see the โ€œsubjectsโ€ tab to see the broad variety of subjects I teach. 11+ entrance exams to reviewing degree level essays - I have a range of experience. My teaching style is fun and engaging. I encourage students to delve deep into a subject. Studying is a skill - you need the tools and confidence to study well. Itโ€™s also what goes on outside the classroom that is important. For this reason, my lessons include organisation tips, studying strategy sessions and students can contact me during the week for help with anything they need help with at school. I create bespoke study materials to cater to each of my studentโ€™s needs. I keep track of my studentsโ€™ progress at school by monitoring their report cards and I help them to set achievable goals and targets. For those preparing for exams, I help them to create realistic revision timetables and checklists. Furthermore, students may message me whenever they need to help and advice. This is included in my hourly rate. Studying is about more than just reading. Itโ€™s about learning how to take responsibility, developing confidence and finding the strategies that work for you. I look forward to meeting you! Elena

ยฃ40Per hour
1190Tutor score
0Students helped
Joy's profile picture

Joy Takura

ProOnline lessons

Hard-working tutor and undergraduate at university of Leicester

I am currently a third year law student who provides fun and exciting tutoring sessions to children aged 5 - 16. I have had experience teaching maths and English before but also provide music tuition as I play 4 instruments. So whether itโ€™s to improve grades, prepare for exams or learn a new subject - I am here to help!

ยฃ10Per hour
1005Tutor score
1395Students helped
Abubakr's profile picture

Abubakr Karimabadi

Online lessons

Barrister, Hafidh, Teacher

Cambridge-educated Barrister (LLB, LLM, MPhil, BPTC) Hafidh (Ijazah in Qiratul Asim and Nafiโ€™ - Egypt) Teacher (8+ years experience)

ยฃ20Per hour
1000Tutor score
4716Students helped
Yasmin's profile picture

Yasmin Hoque

Qualified Solicitor and Law Lecturer

I have over 12 years of legal experience having trained and worked at top UK Law firms such as Clyde & Co, Ashurst, Berrymans Lace Mawer and DAC Beachcroft. I secured an award for academic excellence during my undergraduate studies where I obtained a First Class Honours (LLB). I obtained a Distinction in my postgraduate studies (Legal Practice Course). I also attained all As at A Level (Law, English, Psychology & Government and Politics). I am now a freelance solicitor and Law Lecturer specialising in teaching Law at all levels and English up to A Level. My aim is to pass on my knowledge and skills so the future generation can succeed in achieving their goals and ambitions with assessments, exams or any kind of law related job or university application.

ยฃ40Per hour
405Tutor score
209Students helped
Zahra's profile picture

Zahra Ahmed

Online lessons

Experienced Tutor and Postgraduate Law Student at City, University of London

I am a home and online tutor based in Ilford for KS2, KS3 & GCSE - Maths, English and Science, and A-Level tuition for Maths, English Literature, Law, Psychology and Sociology. Graduate Teaching Assistant at City University. 7 years experience. DBS checked. Currently studying postgraduate law GDL at City University. Strong academic background: 8 As at GCSE, ABBC at A-Level, First Class undergraduate degree - BSc Criminology and Sociology with Quantitative Methods. I provide tuition tailored to the individual child's need on what skills and topics they require to improve. My approach is very focused on building your child's confidence in their academic abilities, and whilst teaching content and exam technique, also equipping your child with study skills that will assist them long into the future. Subjects Taught: - Maths - English - Science - Biology, Chemistry, Physics - Law - Sociology - Psychology - Political Science Tuition Rates: Primary up to GCSE - ยฃ11-ยฃ15p/h A-Level - ยฃ20p/h University level - ยฃ25p/h Experience: Core Subjects - Maths, English & Science: I have been tutoring for approximately 7 years now. I have tutored a wide variety of ages and children, particularly I have experience with KS2 SATs preparation for Year 5 & 6 children, and GCSE teaching and technique for Year 9-11, as well as teaching foundation knowledge and consolidating school topics covered in Year 7 and 8. As I have studied English Literature, Maths and Further Maths at A-Level, I am well-placed to teach maths and english sessions. I also have experience teaching GCSE Science sessions and achieved A grades in Biology, Chemistry and Physics at GCSE level myself. Law, Sociology, Psychology, Politics: Having successfully achieved a Distinction in my Undergraduate degree, I secured a Graduate Teaching Assistant role with my University, teaching on a Statistics based Sociology module. Hence, I am well placed to help social science, politics, and psychology students with report writing, essay writing, and research methods at A-Level and University level. I am currently undertaking my postgraduate law conversion course (GDL). Having achieved a Distinction (75%) in formative Land Law coursework, I am able to provide support to Law students at university or A-Level. My approach for law is to take you through core principles and cases, whilst really enabling you to summarise key information and synthesise academic arguments in order to effectively answer problem questions and essays. Online Experience: Due to the current coronavirus situation, all of my tuition lessons have moved online. I have experience tutoring online with Peer Tutor and am familiar with e.g. Liveboard, Skype and have good organisation and plans in place to deliver lessons effectively online. This includes preparation of sessions in advance, emailing resources, and using online platforms like Liveboard e.g. to provide a whiteboard space which both me (the tutor) and your child can see and follow.

ยฃ11Per hour
490Tutor score
24Students helped
Lori's profile picture

Lori Duca

Online lessons

Seasoned tutor and undergraduate at The University of Manchester

I am currently studying at two universities: Criminology at the University of Manchester and Law at the University of European Political and Economic Studies, in order to broaden my horizons and my knowledge. I have been a tutor for 4 years, helping people with different subjects, applying to jobs, LinkedIn profile and interviews. My favourite subject is Criminal Law, so let me blow your mind! My style is TEACHING, not SOLVING. I want to teach you how to think and how to come up with the answer by yourself!

ยฃ30Per hour
345Tutor score
2Students helped
Eddie's profile picture

Eddie Hartley

Online lessons

Letโ€™s help you achieve your goals and get learning!

I am an enthusiastic and passionate individual who loves their subjects! I am about to start my first year at university studying for a Law LLB degree. I achieved a 9 (A**) in French, Spanish, English Literature and English Language at GCSE at a selective grammar school in the north of England. I also achieved A*AA at A Level, studying French, Spanish and English Literature. I know exactly what you need to succeed in these areas and will be able to tailor my teaching to you! I like to use songs and videos in order to bring the languages and texts I teach to life. Having recently completed my A Level and GCSE studies, I am well equipped to advise and knowledgeable of the processes which the students will have to go through. I am also aware of key revision techniques and tricks that will help maximise potential! Donโ€™t hesitate to drop me a message or send me an email! eddiejameshartley@

ยฃ20Per hour
480Tutor score
22Students helped
Phil's profile picture

Phil Kwok

Online lessons

Love teaching subjects at all levels!

Iโ€™m a passionate educator looking to pass on the tricks Iโ€™ve learned along the way to those looking to learn. There sure are a lot of things I wish I had known when I was younger, and which would have saved me lots of time and effort!

ยฃ70Per hour
400Tutor score
6Students helped
Lauren's profile picture

Lauren McGovern

Online lessons

Educated educator making learning easy, specialist in law, psychology & English.

Having degrees in both law and psychology, I have covered a wide breadth of learning in my studies; from the neuroscience to medieval history. My vast general knowledge adds a sprinkle on top of my ability to educate fellow learners. At university level, my skills are finessed in the subjects mentioned within my profile. Below university level, Iโ€™m skilled in allowing others to quickly familiarise the unfamiliar no matter the subject. I am a dab hand at writing applications, too, for university, colleague, jobs and the like.

ยฃ20Per hour
380Tutor score
0Students helped
Natasha's profile picture

Natasha Godsiff

Online lessons

Cambridge Law student offering a friendly and enthusiastic approach to learning.

Hi! I'm Natasha, a final-year Law student at the University of Cambridge. I love studying Law and seeing how it continuously evolves to adapt to modern issues and provide a framework for a just society. I am from a small seaside town in Lancashire and attended a state school. I tutor Law at all levels, English Literature and Oxbridge mentoring. I take a friendly and enthusiastic approach, with each session tailored to suit the student's individual needs. Outside of Law, I love travelling, volunteering and music festivals! Can't wait to hear from you.

ยฃ20Per hour
360Tutor score
2Students helped
Shaun's profile picture

Shaun Feakins

Online lessons

I love all essay-based subjects, and love helping students improve essays!

Iโ€™m a friendly, good-humoured tutor, and I generally use a Socratic style of tutoring - I.e. a constant cooperative dialogue. Iโ€™ve been tutoring for three years while studying, recently received A*A*A*A* in my A-Levels, and I will be teaching in an international school in South Korea from January. My speciality is English Literature - I know GCSE and A-Level syllabi inside out. I pride myself on being able to improve essay writing rapidly, particularly with grades in mind.

ยฃ17Per hour
370Tutor score
8Students helped
Tamsin's profile picture

Tamsin Sandiford

Online lessons

I graduated in History from Homerton College, Cambridge in 2019 and have experience of Oxbridge admissions mentoring. I achieved 3 A*s at A Level in Biology, History and French. I am now studying to be a barrister. I like to build a friendly relationship with students as I believe we learn best when we are enjoying ourselves and feel comfortable. I focus on practical advice and techniques to succeed.

ยฃ15Per hour
210Tutor score
0Students helped