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Tasif's profile picture

Tasif Zaman

ProOnline lessons

Experienced UCAS advisor and A Level tutor

A dedicated, experienced and creative tutor. I'm currently an HR prifessional with a background in mainstream education and social enterprises. I completed a BSc in Politics and Philosophy at the London School of Economics. Tutoring Experience: I've been tutoring GCSE and A levels in Maths and Government and Politics respectively since 2008 one to one. Having worked as a Graduate Achievement Coach at Bethnal Green Academy for two years, I helped students prepare for GCSE maths examinations,Sixth Form students apply to university and coach young people to make informed decisions about their future. In 2014/15 I also tutored two International Relations undergraduate students from Queen Mary University (University of London) My previous tutee from First Tutors took AS Religious Studies as an additional subject outside of her school curriculum. She achieved an A grade having only studied with me for 2 hours a week over 4-5 months. My students have consistently performed in their examinations and benefited overall academically from my interaction with them. Tutoring Approach: I'm also experienced in helping my students develop key study skills and unlock their potential by focusing on also developing their motivation and key skills such as time management and effective planning. I believe that the best way to develop a student's academic skills is to empower them rather then make them dependent on tuition, thus I strive to help them help themselves, by teaching them key skills that will be useful throughout their academic career as well as providing support in the desired subject area.

ยฃ1Per hour
1310Tutor score
0Students helped
Oscar's profile picture

Oscar Harrison

Online lessons

Fun, Passionate and ready to help you achieve your goals!

Iโ€™m a fun loving, friendly, sportsman. I love playing rugby & cricket. As a former Head student at my school Iโ€™ve supported many students over my time offering both educational and pastoral support. I am currently studying PPE in Hull and aspire to be a government minister. My methods are adaptable to every student although I firmly believe regular testing can help students perform to there optimum.

ยฃ15Per hour
735Tutor score
0Students helped
Victoria's profile picture

Victoria Ward

Online lessons

Seasoned tutor and who is ready to teach!

I am an engaging, caring tutor whose aim is to expand you or your childโ€™s knowledge & understanding so they grow in confidence in their chosen subject!

ยฃ12Per hour
625Tutor score
0Students helped
Nick's profile picture

Nick Panteli

English, Maths, Humanities | IELTS | Education MA | Experienced and friendly

I am an enthusiastic tutor who can make learning fun and relevant. I aim to make ideas clear to the student, in order that they can use them fluidly and flexibly, and to encourage genuine understanding. I enjoy teaching and believe learning starts with the learner, adapting ideas and course content to meet their interests and needs. I give children, young people, and adults thorough explanations of concepts and lots of practice to consolidate their learning. I can also teach English as a Foreign Language and Functional Maths to adults. I have experience working with alternative education programmes in England and am widely versed in non-hierarchical learning which involves both student and teacher in consideration of a common object. I have worked with adults for their IELTS exam, students for their A-levels and their GCSE across many educational backgrounds and needs including SEN. Collectively, with TutorFair, Scoodle, Titanium Tutors, I have been a tutor for over 350 hours. Currently, I am an Education student at the UCL IOE, having studied English at Queen Mary, University of London (1.1) before this. Here, I have learned several new qualities in research, teaching and learning.

ยฃ20Per hour
520Tutor score
132Students helped

Race: 4 Philosophical Stances

With Thaddeus Felle
4 videos
Matthew's profile picture

Matthew Cotton

Graduate entry medical student with a 1st class Masters and BSc

Six years experience as an A-level Chemistry and Biology tutor. 4th Year Graduate Entry Medical student with an MSc in neuroscience. Previously worked as a pharmaceutical communications consultant, so trained to convey complex topics in manageable ways Also provide GCSE STEM subject tutoring. Experienced agency worker as a medical school entry specialist. Over 50 personal statements edited previously Average student gains 1.5 grades at A-level over 3 months. Happy to discuss plans of action and session arrangements. Love helping people achieve there best! Student testimonials: โ€œMatt is an amazing tutor, he really makes the hardest topics accessible. I really feel like Iโ€™ve got a good chance of getting the grades now.โ€ Sally S. - medical school applicant โ€œAfter our sessions my teachers have noticed a big difference, Iโ€™ve even won certificates for being able to teach the class a new topic!โ€ Monika O. - GCSE stem student

ยฃ25Per hour
430Tutor score
833Students helped
Saira's profile picture

Saira Hassan

Online lessons

Experienced and dedicated Religious Studies teacher and Careers Advisor

A qualified and experienced A Level Religious Studies teacher, with experience of teaching GCSE History and English too. I am dedicated to providing informative and interesting lessons for students of all ages, particularly focussing on English and Humanities subjects. I was previously a university lecturer therefore can provide advice, guidance and tuition in Religion, Philosophy, Ethics, and Politics. I am a volunteer Careers Advisor at an independent high school, therefore able to provide advice and guidance for college, university and careers.

ยฃ25Per hour
300Tutor score
4853Students helped
George's profile picture

George Hobson

Online lessons

Qualified Maths Teacher, with a track record of improving results!

I am a Maths teacher with several years of tutoring experience. I am a PPE graduate from York University and have experience teaching both KS3 and GCSE, having completed the Teach First Programme. I am 24 and have already helped many students achieve their desired grades at GCSE and IGCSE. I have experience teaching the new 1-9 GCSE and have a wealth of physical and online resources at my disposal. I am approachable, relate to students and my aim is to make Maths enjoyable whilst allowing students to achieve what they`re capable of. Testimonial `We`d like to thank you George, our daughter loved working with you and ended up with a B, a big improvement from her predicted D.`

ยฃ50Per hour
320Tutor score
1733Students helped
Jules's profile picture

Jules Desai

Online lessons

Hard-working tutor and undergraduate at University of Oxford

Friendly and knowledgeable Oxford University student and graduate. Double 1st Class in Physics and Philosophy. 43 points at International Baccalaureate including HL Maths, HL Physics and HL Chemistry. Experience in HL Biology.

ยฃ25Per hour
360Tutor score
0Students helped
Alex's profile picture

Alex Bruce

Online lessons

Savvy tutor and undergraduate at University of Oxford

Hi, I have over 2 years tutoring experience, specialising in Oxbridge entrance (personal statement, admissions tests, interview prep) as well as philosophy, politics and economics up to and including A Level. I graduated from the University of Oxford in 2019 with a 2:1 in Philosophy, Politics and Economics.

ยฃ30Per hour
405Tutor score
36Students helped
Tom's profile picture

Tom Thomas

Online lessons

I have 15 years of knowledge in applying my learning and skills in the corporate world. I have utilised my knowledge and skills in providing trainingโ€™s in business and corporate environments. As a part time job I have been providing tutoring and trainings for students and young individuals. My training focuses on the practical aspects of how theory can be applied and utilised in practise. It also provides an insight in identifying the challenges and how to overcome them.

ยฃ20Per hour
335Tutor score
0Students helped

Race: 4 Philosophical Stances

With Thaddeus Felle
4 videos
Phil's profile picture

Phil Kwok

Online lessons

Love teaching subjects at all levels!

Iโ€™m a passionate educator looking to pass on the tricks Iโ€™ve learned along the way to those looking to learn. There sure are a lot of things I wish I had known when I was younger, and which would have saved me lots of time and effort!

ยฃ70Per hour
400Tutor score
6Students helped
Will's profile picture

Will Wilson

Online lessons

Experienced Tutor | Undergraduate in Mathematics and Philosophy

My name is Will and I am a student at the University of York. I am currently studying a BSc Mathematics and Philosophy (equal). I would describe myself as very patient, confident and approachable person with a passion for allowing people to reach their potential. I am extremely hard-working and will do anything to make sure I do the best job that I can. Last year I taught 2 students, one GCSE and one A-Level, both maths. Both were very successful and found that my tutoring improved their overall grade. See further for my teaching style: Experience has taught me that the best approach is to always be patient. I let the student dictate the pace of learning, taking more time on topics that are more of struggle for the student. I am extremely hard-working and organising making sure that the student is clear about the progress in their learning. I would usually start a session figuring out the topic the student like to work in then progressing with the main teaching part. Obviously all students learn different ways with some people being more visual learners and some auditory. As such, I have a wide range of techniques to make sure that the student gets the most from the sessions. These range from, worked examples of questions, to a step by step method of how to answer a question, as well as past papers with written model solutions. I would say that I am a very creative person which allows me to adapt my teaching style when the opportunity calls for it. Getting close to the exam period I will try to give techniques to apply during exams as well as how to come with stress or pressure during this time. Finally I have set my prices significantly much lower than other tutors out there. I live by the philosophy that price shouldn't be a barrier in somebody achieving their potential. I hope the prices seem fair for the service that I offer.

ยฃ16Per hour
460Tutor score
630Students helped
Azaan's profile picture

Azaan Akbar

Online lessons

A qualified teacher of History, Philosophy and RE and MSc student at LSE

I am a qualified Teacher of History and RE with 3 years of experience teaching in secondary schools. I have taught both subjects from KS3 upto A-Level. I am currently studying for a Master's in MSc International Social and Public Policy at the LSE. I began as a trainee teacher at Robert Clack School in Dagenham, completing my NQT there, before moving to Plashet School for Girls in East Ham. At both schools, I was also the Head Coach of the Debate Society, leading teams to finals and competition wins. I have assisted with curriculum design, mentoring and pastoral matters. I have also been a private tutor since 2015, tutoring students in A-Level Philosophy and GCSE History. At UCL, I was a Student Ambassador and tutored students in group settings. I am a highly experienced, motivated and passionate teacher and always take my students' needs into consideration and adapt accordingly. My teaching style is personable, challenging and intellectual. My personal hobbies include playing drums, video games and running a Philosophy Book Club.

ยฃ35Per hour
370Tutor score
6Students helped