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Richard's profile picture

Richard Boddy

ProOnline lessons

Experienced teacher and tutor

I work in an independent preparatory school, focusing on 11+ exams, with many years of proven success. Experienced tutor in a variety of subjects up to and including Undergraduate level

ยฃ20Per hour
675Tutor score
0Students helped
Ross's profile picture

Ross Hunter

Online lessons

Award winning Maths & Computing Tutor | KS3, GCSE, A-Level

Hi, I'm Ross! I have been tutoring for over 5 years and Iโ€™m passionate about helping students reach their full potential, whilst also enjoying the learning experience. I offer Maths and Computing lessons between KS3 and A-Level and Iโ€™m currently focussing on online tuition. -----Experience----- โ€ข I have tutored more than 20 students for a total of over 400 hours โ€ข Worked with students aged 11-18 of a wide range of abilities โ€ข Masterโ€™s degree in Computing from Imperial College London โ€ข DBS certified -----Teaching Style----- โ€ข Every student is different and so are my lessons. They are specifically tailored for each studentโ€™s requirements. โ€ข Students are assigned homework each week to consolidate the lesson content. This is marked before the next lesson so we can go through feedback at the start of the next lesson. โ€ข I teach in a very interactive style which encourages student engagement. I find this is more effective in allowing the student to understand the content, rather than just memorising and regurgitating. โ€ข I try to relate the content being taught to interesting real-world examples to make the lessons more relevant and exciting. โ€ข I place a large emphasis on learning from past papers since this allows students to learn exactly what is required to maximise their marks in the exam.

ยฃ35Per hour
2280Tutor score
342Students helped
Hassan's profile picture

Hassan Ahmad

Online lessons

A savvy physicist, perfect for slow learners!

I have 250+ hours of experience in teaching and am currently pursuing a Physics degree at UCL. I provide online Mathematics, Physics, and Programming tuitions from Elementary up to A-levels. Most of my students struggled with basic fundamental concepts of any topic. But through the online whiteboard I use for tutoring, it makes it easy to visualize complex scenarios. Once I'm done with fundamentals I equip students with helpful step-by-step techniques to help solve problems in no time, saving valuable brain power! At the beginning of my tutoring journey, I had a TA class of 14 slow learning students who needed a 75% to be exempted from my extra class. After a month, only 2 students were left. I have been told that some of my students chose their entire degree choices due to how vibrant I made the subject! If you're looking for Mathematics/Physics/Programming lessons, you've come to the right place๐Ÿ˜Š

ยฃ19Per hour
340Tutor score
738Students helped
Alok's profile picture

Alok Singh

Online lessons

Experienced Physics and maths tutor

An Astrophysicist in education industry since 2015. Experienced in teaching Secondary, A-level and university tutoring. In-class teaching in Secondary Schools and private tuition centres. I am also have experience of managing Programming after school clubs in schools. My teaching style is unique as it is tailored to every student's requirements. I use interactive tutor software for online sessions. My focus is to help you to be able to understand subject and make you able to answer questions in exam unaided.

ยฃ40Per hour
1140Tutor score
0Students helped
Robert's profile picture

Robert Hartley

Online lessons

Passionate physicist looking to help students reach their potential.

I am an 18 year old student looking to start a Masters in physics at Manchester this September. I donโ€™t have professional tutoring experience however I have mentored fellow physics and maths students at both A Level and GCSE and I love helping students reach their potential. GCSE: Maths - 9 Computer Science - 9 Physics - 9 Biology - 9 Chemistry - 9 A Level: Predicted (2020 exams cancelled) Maths - A* Further Maths - A* Physics - A* Computer Science - A

ยฃ10Per hour
355Tutor score
36Students helped
Shaheer's profile picture

Shaheer Ahmed

Online lessons

A tutor above the rest

My greatest passion in life is learning and my second greatest passion is teaching which also involves learning. A little bit about me. I was raised in Turkey, France, Pakistan and the UK. I've experienced great success throughout my life due to the amazingly approachable, friendly and unforgettable teachers that I've studied with and from. This, in fact, is the foundation of my commitment to helping my students. I've been tutoring and teaching for 6 years in small and large groups, 1 to 1 lessons to classrooms, from secondary to university students. Feel free to ask me about anything.

ยฃ25Per hour
1010Tutor score
0Students helped
Phil's profile picture

Phil Kwok

Online lessons

Love teaching subjects at all levels!

Iโ€™m a passionate educator looking to pass on the tricks Iโ€™ve learned along the way to those looking to learn. There sure are a lot of things I wish I had known when I was younger, and which would have saved me lots of time and effort!

ยฃ70Per hour
400Tutor score
6Students helped
Andy's profile picture

Andy James

Online lessons

Passionate tutor and undergraduate at University of Wolverhampton

Senior software engineer and Apprenticeship manager and trainer for PebblePad - the learning journey platform. Graduated with 1st class honours and have nearly 10 years in the software industry. I teach software engineering for a living, helping build pathways for progressing in a particular career and counselling employees to select and achieve goals. I'll happily put in extra time to build interesting ways to present information and make it work for you, while also considering how best to persist that new knowledge so it's not forgotten.

ยฃ10Per hour
360Tutor score
0Students helped
Karan's profile picture

Karan Mahendra Jain

Online lessons

Passionate tutor with a masters degree from University of Leicester

A masterโ€™s graduate with First Class Honours in Advanced Mechanical Engineering from University of Leicester. Since, I completed my course in September 2019. I have worked as a Teaching Assistant in the department of engineering. I was trained and certified to teach in higher education from Leicester Learning Institute. I have assisted in demonstrating mechanical oriented first year labs concerning flow measurements in pipes, and electrical oriented labs based on circuit design and analysis using PSpice. Also, assisted in second year labs helping students to learn about material selection in electromechanical devices using CES Edupack software, as well as different engineering materials microstructural properties and processing. Furthermore, I have helped in for fourth year module involving conceptual design process for turbofan engines with improvements in aero engine design configurations. Overall, my aspects of teaching involved concepts related to designing, modelling, real life applications, mathematical calculations, physics and sciences. As a tutor, I would like to give my best abilities to improvise any individuals knowledge and make sure that they succeed in each & every aspects. At the same time, my commitment to teach with supporting and delivering the learning materials with at most reliability will always be my utmost priority. I will give what it takes to make an individual completely transformed into a knowledgeable individual. I believe one becomes intelligent by not just learning the concepts, but making the best use of it by applying in the real world.

ยฃ25Per hour
300Tutor score
943Students helped
Andres's profile picture

Andres Arcia Lopez

Online lessons

A* further maths tutor available for lessons or help with assignments.

Hello, I'm Andres! I am a 2020 sixth form graduate with a strong passion for maths and sciences wanting to help all kinds of students improve their abilities in these subjects and thus getting better grades. * Experience: I have been a tutor since 2018. I have taught a range of students, from primary school all the way to year 13 and gap year students. I offer lessons for maths, physics and computer science for all levels and I am also available for online tuition. * Teaching style: I base my lessons on doing past papers or questions from recommended sources so that students learn exactly what is required to maximise their marks in the exam. I also put emphasis on ensuring the student truly understands all the concepts behind each answer so that they don't feel like they memorising and regurgitating.

ยฃ18Per hour
330Tutor score
937Students helped
Amena's profile picture

Amena Faruqi

Online lessons

Maths, Physics and Python programming is my forte!

I am an Imperial College London graduate with a BSc in Physics and have been working as a software developer for the past 1.5 years. I am a fluent Python programmer, and have experience tutoring students GCSE and A Level Maths and Physics. I'm excited to share my knowledge to help younger people with their education through teaching Maths, Physics and Python programming.

ยฃ35Per hour
210Tutor score
0Students helped