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Sajeel's profile picture

Sajeel Qureshi

ProOnline lessons

Skilled tutor and undergraduate at University of Liverpool studying Mathematics

Iโ€™ve always loved maths. And anything maths related. I have been tutoring for over a year now and as an undergraduate student myself I understand how hard it can be for people to learn and how useful using modern techniques to teach is. I teach maths but I also teach gcse science and some computer science.

ยฃ11Per hour
1360Tutor score
1072Students helped
Megan's profile picture

Megan Garcia

ProOnline lessons

Highly experienced Spanish, French, biology, & chemistry tutor here to help you!

I am an enthusiastic science, Spanish, & French tutor. I am a native Spanish speaker, & studied biology, chemistry, & French at the university level. I love science and I enjoy helping others feel the same way. I know what it feels like to feel confused on a difficult subject in science. Letโ€™s work though these concepts together! I love giving language lessons because the more more fun & creative the lessons, the more you learn ! Languages are a window into the cultures of others, everyone learns at their own pace, & you can directly see your own progress.

ยฃ35Per hour
1210Tutor score
105Students helped
Emi's profile picture

Emi K

ProOnline lessons

First Year Med Student at Notts | many years experience as a Tutor :)

First Year Med Student. Here to help! Tutoring is one of my passions and I truly believe that with the right mentor a student's academic ability can improve immensely. Being a student myself, I think I have been able to grasp on what can make certain subjects daunting for kids, and I hope I can use my experiences to be beneficial to everyone. My style of tutoring will also include teaching the students about time management, key revision skills and exam techniques along with the core content of the subject. As I believe that to achieve your maximum potential in academics it is 60% knowledge, 25% exam/revision techniques and 15% time management. I am a first year medical student currently studying at the University of Nottingham and thus my schedule is quite tight. BUT I will always try to be in everyone's best interest. :)

ยฃ25Per hour
1165Tutor score
908Students helped
Shuheb's profile picture

Shuheb Miah

Barts Medic | GCSE Maths & A-Level Science | 5+years exp | 40+ students | 2500+ hours

I am a Medic at Barts and the London School of Medicine. I completed my A-levels with A*AAA and my GCSEs with 4A*s and 5As. I have been tutoring 5+ years now and have been fortunate enough to work with 40+ students between the ages 7-18. My specialties are in Maths & Science - I have taught these subjects up to GCSE and A-Levels respectively across a variety of boards, as well as 11+ preparation, gathering a wealth of experience. To further my experience in teaching, I worked as a Teaching Assistant in a local school, allowing me to develop my teaching skills and learn innovative ways of making tuition an engaging activity and not a tiresome chore. Feel free to message me for more information.

ยฃ25Per hour
460Tutor score
4379Students helped
Carola Maria's profile picture

Carola Maria Bigogno

Online lessons

I'm a curious and ambitious medical student and teacher!

Hi everyone, My name is Carola and I am originally from Italy. Travelling has always been a passion, and after an exchange programme in Vancouver (Canada) I decided to move to London. I recently graduates with a 1st in Biomedical Science from QMUL and I will start Medicine at Barts this September. I have been tutouring all levels (from elementary school to adult learner) in a variety of subjects. I am an ambitious and curious student, so be sure that if I don't know how to answer one of your questions, I will make sure to do some reseacher and let you know as soon as possible!

ยฃ15Per hour
500Tutor score
3064Students helped
Faith's profile picture

Faith Lee

Online lessons

Enthusiastic tutor in chemistry and maths

I have graduated from high school in the UK and am currently studying Medicine at UCL. I am very interested in science subjects, and have taken them in A levels, receiving 3A*s. I would therefore like to share my ways of studying as well as exam techniques. I am a curious and enthusiastic individual who is particularly interested in Chemistry. I have been involved in Chemical Analytical Challenges and Symposiums. At school, I have also given biology presentations, including topics of epilepsy and effects of chocolate on the brain. I enjoy learning about the human system as it allows me to understand fully on how our body responds to different situations. I also had the experience of teaching Mathematics, alongside sciences. I have achieved A* within a year in A level maths, with UMS 581/600. I relish the logical thinking in Maths and have tutored several students, giving them advice on how to approach a question when prompted. From past experiences, I adopted a wide range of teaching styles, ranging from interactive whiteboards during online tutoring, to providing quizzes and exercises during face-to-face tutoring. I believe that this interaction will enhance visual learning and enable students to retain knowledge and be more interested in the subject. I am a native Chinese speaker and have taken Chinese GCSE and AS level. In my free time, I am an avid violinist and was the leader of Symphony Orchestra. I have taken music as one of my GCSEs before and I particularly enjoyed the classical pieces studied during the course. I hope to connect with more people and influence students with my passion for the subjects through teaching. Please contact me if interested. Thank you very much.

ยฃ30Per hour
430Tutor score
2096Students helped
Ross's profile picture

Ross Hunter

Online lessons

Award winning Maths & Computing Tutor | KS3, GCSE, A-Level

Hi, I'm Ross! I have been tutoring for over 5 years and Iโ€™m passionate about helping students reach their full potential, whilst also enjoying the learning experience. I offer Maths and Computing lessons between KS3 and A-Level and Iโ€™m currently focussing on online tuition. -----Experience----- โ€ข I have tutored more than 20 students for a total of over 400 hours โ€ข Worked with students aged 11-18 of a wide range of abilities โ€ข Masterโ€™s degree in Computing from Imperial College London โ€ข DBS certified -----Teaching Style----- โ€ข Every student is different and so are my lessons. They are specifically tailored for each studentโ€™s requirements. โ€ข Students are assigned homework each week to consolidate the lesson content. This is marked before the next lesson so we can go through feedback at the start of the next lesson. โ€ข I teach in a very interactive style which encourages student engagement. I find this is more effective in allowing the student to understand the content, rather than just memorising and regurgitating. โ€ข I try to relate the content being taught to interesting real-world examples to make the lessons more relevant and exciting. โ€ข I place a large emphasis on learning from past papers since this allows students to learn exactly what is required to maximise their marks in the exam.

ยฃ35Per hour
2280Tutor score
355Students helped
Alok's profile picture

Alok Singh

Online lessons

Experienced Physics and maths tutor

An Astrophysicist in education industry since 2015. Experienced in teaching Secondary, A-level and university tutoring. In-class teaching in Secondary Schools and private tuition centres. I am also have experience of managing Programming after school clubs in schools. My teaching style is unique as it is tailored to every student's requirements. I use interactive tutor software for online sessions. My focus is to help you to be able to understand subject and make you able to answer questions in exam unaided.

ยฃ40Per hour
1140Tutor score
0Students helped
Saveena's profile picture

Saveena J

Online lessons

Supportive qualified primary teacher

I gained my PGCE from the University of Nottingham and am currently supply teaching across various schools. Teaching in different schools and age ranges provides me with an in-depth knowledge of the National Curriculum requirements of all subjects at all primary age levels, whilst I am able to adapt on a daily basis. I cater for different learning styles through a mixed learning approach as I use various methods to help all learners โ€“ this includes the use of visual resources and learning through a hands-on approach. My lessons include varied activities, promoting creativity, and I ensure that high expectations are set and pupilsโ€™ learning is stretched accordingly to achieve these expectations. I am caring, supportive and positive. My enthusiasm for education transfers well during teaching, allowing children to develop a thirst for learning. I understand that each child is unique and all require a secure, caring and stimulating atmosphere, and I can help children to meet their potential through an environment that is safe, supports risk-taking, and invites a sharing of ideas.

ยฃ25Per hour
1105Tutor score
1355Students helped
Grace's profile picture

Grace Cooper

Online lessons

Dedicated and experienced tutor available for lessons or help with assignments!

Currently a student at Kingโ€™s College London Maths School, I am passionate about Maths and Science and love sharing this enthusiasm with those that I teach. I have 2 years of experience tutoring students from Year 1 to Year 12 in Maths, English and Science, and enjoy helping pupils achieve and improve as much as possible. Each lesson I teach is tailored to the individual student; I like to take the time to get to know them and what methods will help them learn and maximise their potential. I am also available for help with assignments; whether itโ€™s maths homework or an English essay, I can help you with whatever you are struggling with!

ยฃ15Per hour
1165Tutor score
1420Students helped
Yasmeen's profile picture

Yasmeen Begum

Online lessons

Teacher by day tutor by night ๐Ÿ™ƒ

I an experienced science teacher and use a lot of visual resources to explain concepts as well as different activities. I have been teaching for the last 4 years and have tutored over the years and have now decided to make an official brand and help students that have fallen behind due to Covid 19 and give them the best chance of academic success

ยฃ25Per hour
725Tutor score
360Students helped
Karan's profile picture

Karan Mahendra Jain

Online lessons

Passionate tutor with a masters degree from University of Leicester

A masterโ€™s graduate with First Class Honours in Advanced Mechanical Engineering from University of Leicester. Since, I completed my course in September 2019. I have worked as a Teaching Assistant in the department of engineering. I was trained and certified to teach in higher education from Leicester Learning Institute. I have assisted in demonstrating mechanical oriented first year labs concerning flow measurements in pipes, and electrical oriented labs based on circuit design and analysis using PSpice. Also, assisted in second year labs helping students to learn about material selection in electromechanical devices using CES Edupack software, as well as different engineering materials microstructural properties and processing. Furthermore, I have helped in for fourth year module involving conceptual design process for turbofan engines with improvements in aero engine design configurations. Overall, my aspects of teaching involved concepts related to designing, modelling, real life applications, mathematical calculations, physics and sciences. As a tutor, I would like to give my best abilities to improvise any individuals knowledge and make sure that they succeed in each & every aspects. At the same time, my commitment to teach with supporting and delivering the learning materials with at most reliability will always be my utmost priority. I will give what it takes to make an individual completely transformed into a knowledgeable individual. I believe one becomes intelligent by not just learning the concepts, but making the best use of it by applying in the real world.

ยฃ25Per hour
300Tutor score
948Students helped
Divya's profile picture

Divya Baji

Online lessons

Experienced tutor with an Engineering PhD

I am a professional engineer with a PhD and over 5 years of tutoring experience. I am available for teaching Maths and Science for up to GCSE level. Outside of work I am involved in outreach activities to promote science and its growing potential to inspire young students. I am passionate about inspiring young students and like to help them overcome their fear of maths and science subjects from an early age. I have also worked with students with learning disabilities and have helped them improve their reading and writing skills.

ยฃ25Per hour
320Tutor score
318Students helped