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Rebeca's profile picture

Rebeca Ridings

ProOnline lessons

Experienced tutor and PhD student at the University of Cambridge

I have a degree in Molecular Cell Biology from the University of York, a masters by research also from the University of York and I am now working towards a PhD in Genetics at the University of Cambridge. I have experience in tutoring and supervision at a high school and university level.

ยฃ25Per hour
885Tutor score
8Students helped
Emi's profile picture

Emi K

ProOnline lessons

First Year Med Student at Notts | many years experience as a Tutor :)

First Year Med Student. Here to help! Tutoring is one of my passions and I truly believe that with the right mentor a student's academic ability can improve immensely. Being a student myself, I think I have been able to grasp on what can make certain subjects daunting for kids, and I hope I can use my experiences to be beneficial to everyone. My style of tutoring will also include teaching the students about time management, key revision skills and exam techniques along with the core content of the subject. As I believe that to achieve your maximum potential in academics it is 60% knowledge, 25% exam/revision techniques and 15% time management. I am a first year medical student currently studying at the University of Nottingham and thus my schedule is quite tight. BUT I will always try to be in everyone's best interest. :)

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1165Tutor score
908Students helped
Noor's profile picture

Noor Al Mousawi

Think like a proton and stay positive!

I am currently an undergraduate Primary Education Student and a Youth Programme Manager/Designated Safeguarding officer at a social inclusion that works with young people. Experience: - Intervention Specialist Teacher - 6 years tutoring experience (all primary school years/SATs/GCSEs) - Run a weekly homework club - Trainee Teacher - Lead Coach of a cohort providing career advice at schools Certified: - DBS - Designated Safeguarding officer LEVEL 3

ยฃ30Per hour
290Tutor score
406Students helped
Carola Maria's profile picture

Carola Maria Bigogno

Online lessons

I'm a curious and ambitious medical student and teacher!

Hi everyone, My name is Carola and I am originally from Italy. Travelling has always been a passion, and after an exchange programme in Vancouver (Canada) I decided to move to London. I recently graduates with a 1st in Biomedical Science from QMUL and I will start Medicine at Barts this September. I have been tutouring all levels (from elementary school to adult learner) in a variety of subjects. I am an ambitious and curious student, so be sure that if I don't know how to answer one of your questions, I will make sure to do some reseacher and let you know as soon as possible!

ยฃ15Per hour
500Tutor score
3064Students helped

The Concise Study Skills Course

With Nina Modak
11 videos
Josh's profile picture

Josh Prince

Online lessons

I want to help you achieve amazing GCSE results!

I achieved 8 GCSEโ€™s at Grade 7-9 Biology - 9 Chemistry - 9 Physics - 9 English Language - 9 Mathematics - 8 History - 8 Business Studies - A* English Literature - 7 Email me: eastsussextutors @ for enquiries/questions or send me a message! ๐Ÿ˜

ยฃ20Per hour
1280Tutor score
5703Students helped
Nicoleen's profile picture

Nicoleen Wong

Online lessons

7+, 11+, 13+, English & Maths tutorโ€”friendly, experienced, central London-based

I am an approachable and dedicated tutor with experience teaching students at primary and secondary school level. I am passionate about instilling in my students the curiosity and motivation necessary to succeed academically, and believe tutoring is more effective when tailoring oneโ€™s approach to each individual. Every student has the capacity for success and, due to my own personal experiences on the other side of the table, I deeply believe in encouragement combined with an appropriate amount of discipline to engender the desire and drive for achievement.

ยฃ40Per hour
1170Tutor score
6041Students helped
Sheena's profile picture

Sheena Hanley

Online lessons

Experienced tutor for adults & children - Currently tutoring online

Tutoring in English, History and Art! - Currently tutoring online! Qualifications: โ€ข MA (in progress) in Creative Writing โ€ข BA (Hons) English Language and Literature with Creative Writing โ€ข TEFL โ€“ in 120 hours Teaching English Teaching Experience โ€ข 6 Years โ€ข Across 4 countries worldwide โ€ข Classroom and interactive lessons โ€ข Structured lesson plans, assessments. โ€ข English & Swimming Tutor Experience โ€ข 2 year โ€ข English & Creative Writing Profile I have developed my early working path around a well founded work ethic and excellent client relations over my years in professional roles. I have 8 years professional experience across 5 sectors, including 5 years Teaching and 1 year in Journalism. During my professional career I have taught for two companies, across four centres providing me with an abundance of experience working with children and a deep understanding of learning techniques. Additionally I also have an understanding of the importance of relaying information to parents regarding progress to make sure all parties are up to date and in sync to a common goal. Other teaching experience includes having had the opportunity to teach English in three countries across the world as a TEFL English teacher. Aside from teaching English & Creative writing, professionally I create content for businesses in the form of social media content, articles, newsletters etc and teach aquatics. My strength in teaching lie within initially building a strong report with a child, from there I can then determine their strengths and weaknesses to focus my tuition on areas they are in need. To do this my method of teaching includes gently pushing academic boundaries to expand on their current knowledge whilst keeping the lessons informative and interesting. Outside of my professional life I am a family oriented person who regularly spends time volunteering for different charities.

ยฃ25Per hour
555Tutor score
214Students helped
Ross's profile picture

Ross Hunter

Online lessons

Award winning Maths & Computing Tutor | KS3, GCSE, A-Level

Hi, I'm Ross! I have been tutoring for over 5 years and Iโ€™m passionate about helping students reach their full potential, whilst also enjoying the learning experience. I offer Maths and Computing lessons between KS3 and A-Level and Iโ€™m currently focussing on online tuition. -----Experience----- โ€ข I have tutored more than 20 students for a total of over 400 hours โ€ข Worked with students aged 11-18 of a wide range of abilities โ€ข Masterโ€™s degree in Computing from Imperial College London โ€ข DBS certified -----Teaching Style----- โ€ข Every student is different and so are my lessons. They are specifically tailored for each studentโ€™s requirements. โ€ข Students are assigned homework each week to consolidate the lesson content. This is marked before the next lesson so we can go through feedback at the start of the next lesson. โ€ข I teach in a very interactive style which encourages student engagement. I find this is more effective in allowing the student to understand the content, rather than just memorising and regurgitating. โ€ข I try to relate the content being taught to interesting real-world examples to make the lessons more relevant and exciting. โ€ข I place a large emphasis on learning from past papers since this allows students to learn exactly what is required to maximise their marks in the exam.

ยฃ35Per hour
2280Tutor score
355Students helped
Shaun's profile picture

Shaun Feakins

Online lessons

I love all essay-based subjects, and love helping students improve essays!

Iโ€™m a friendly, good-humoured tutor, and I generally use a Socratic style of tutoring - I.e. a constant cooperative dialogue. Iโ€™ve been tutoring for three years while studying, recently received A*A*A*A* in my A-Levels, and I will be teaching in an international school in South Korea from January. My speciality is English Literature - I know GCSE and A-Level syllabi inside out. I pride myself on being able to improve essay writing rapidly, particularly with grades in mind.

ยฃ17Per hour
370Tutor score
8Students helped
Andres's profile picture

Andres Arcia Lopez

Online lessons

A* further maths tutor available for lessons or help with assignments.

Hello, I'm Andres! I am a 2020 sixth form graduate with a strong passion for maths and sciences wanting to help all kinds of students improve their abilities in these subjects and thus getting better grades. * Experience: I have been a tutor since 2018. I have taught a range of students, from primary school all the way to year 13 and gap year students. I offer lessons for maths, physics and computer science for all levels and I am also available for online tuition. * Teaching style: I base my lessons on doing past papers or questions from recommended sources so that students learn exactly what is required to maximise their marks in the exam. I also put emphasis on ensuring the student truly understands all the concepts behind each answer so that they don't feel like they memorising and regurgitating.

ยฃ18Per hour
330Tutor score
961Students helped

The Concise Study Skills Course

With Nina Modak
11 videos
Nour's profile picture

Nour Habona

Online lessons

Enthusiastic Fully Qualified Secondary Maths Online Teacher.

I am a fully qualified teacher with PGCE specialising in Secondary Mathematics with experience teaching GCSE/IGCSEs, A level Maths, SATs, Primary and SEN. I also have an MSc in Accounting and Finance and BA in International Business and Globalisation. I have experience working with students with MLD, Maths Anxiety, ASD, ADHD, Dyslexia/Dyscalculia and the Gifted and Talented. I tailor my teaching to suit your style of learning. Whether you need to catch up and a boost to those who are looking a challenge, I'm here to help you gain confidence in your studies and make progress.

ยฃ30Per hour
345Tutor score
361Students helped
Amal's profile picture

Amal Mahad

Online lessons

A hardworking tutor dedicated to helping students achieve their best

A graduate in Biomedical Science and currently pursuing a degree in Medicine. I tutor GCSE English, Maths and Sciences. I also tutor A-Level Geography and Biology. I can help provide UCAS personal statement checks and interview practice for those applying to medical school. My aim is to tailor study sessions so that itโ€™s moulded to what the student needs and their learning style.

ยฃ25Per hour
210Tutor score
0Students helped