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Online Study Skills Tutors

Matthew's profile picture

Matthew Osborne-James

Online lessons

Tutor of humanities

Tutor of humanities

ยฃ40Per hour
335Tutor score
0Students helped
Shannon's profile picture

Shannon Kelly

Online lessons

Iโ€™m passionate about helping people excel in Psychology!

During my time as a student, Iโ€™ve been frequently mentoring my fellow students with some nifty tips and tricks to help them with coursework and exam preparation. I believe that everyone can achieve their dreams and goals with a helping hand.

ยฃ12Per hour
345Tutor score
3Students helped
Emma's profile picture

Emma Elkaim-Weil

Online lessons

Experienced tutor and undergraduate at University College London (UCL)

Hi, Iโ€™m Emma and would be delighted to help you in any subject mentioned below. Iโ€™m very dedicated in everything I undertake and speak fluidly 5 languages! I have been tutoring for three years now making me confident in my teaching style and abilities. It is very important for me that the student finds the answers by himself with my guidance rather than merely me giving him the raw answer directly. I am a fun, dynamic and enthusiast teacher that will make you want to work. See you soon in a class!

ยฃ20Per hour
360Tutor score
0Students helped
Fatima's profile picture

Fatima Rajina

Online lessons

I am very passionate about teaching and have been a qualified teacher since 2011

I am a qualified GCSE and A Level teacher in German and Spanish. I have a PGCE and NQT in both languages. I can teach you the languages from scratch and introduce you to the various cultures too. I have extensively traveled through Spanish-speaking countries, so will be able to introduce you to the different accents and expressions in Spanish. I am also a Lecturer in Sociology and have background in other areas, including social anthropology, anthropology, history, cultural studies, Islamic studies, postcolonial studies and subaltern studies. I have taught undergraduate as well as postgraduate students. I am able to proofread essays and help you structure essays/dissertations if you are an undergraduate or postgraduate student.

ยฃ40Per hour
450Tutor score
130Students helped
Abhimanyu's profile picture

Abhimanyu Gowda

Online lessons

University of Cambridge offer holder (Natural Sciences) tutoring in the sciences

In 2018 I achieved 11 grade 9s at GCSE, placing me 6th in the UK. I have experience tutoring in the sciences + maths, but I also have particular expertise in exam strategy/preparation and Oxbridge admissions. One of my students achieved 10 grade 9s at GCSE last year.

ยฃ20Per hour
255Tutor score
0Students helped
Heather's profile picture

Heather Bird

Online lessons

Skilled maths and primary school teacher

Hello, I am currently a student at the University of Gloucestershire studying Primary Education (Maths Specialism) and will be qualified next year. I completed my A-Levels in 2018 with straight As in Maths, Psychology and Biology and completed my GCSEs in 2016 with 3 A*s (including Maths) and 9 As. I have been tutoring for over three years now and all my students have passed their GCSE maths exam. I once improved a student's grade from a 1 to a 4 in one year. I aim to make all lessons fun and engaging as I believe students will learn more if they're motivated and enjoying themselves. I create my own worksheets so I am confident that all my resources are high-quality and contain all the possible questions that could be asked in the exam. My worksheets ask more questions on areas that students frequently get stuck at and it breaks harder topics into smaller, more manageable steps for the students to reduce their cognitive load so they may find learning easier and they can remember the learning long-term. Depending on the progress/current attainment of the student, I sometimes create a personalised long term lesson plan alongside the student so they understand where they should be in their studies and keeps them motivated to learn and not fall behind my expectations of them. This gets altered after past paper practice and any feedback from tests from the class teacher. Each week I assign a past paper (or several questions from a past paper) so students gain the ability to understand what the question is asking and this allows them to practice several areas so they are not forgotten. This also enables me to see their progress and adapt future lessons accordingly. I mark these papers (however I do offer the chance for student to mark these to offer them insight into what examiners looks for) and go through them in detail with the student in the next lesson to further their learning. Additionally, it enables the student and myself to track their progress. Please note I only have online availability currently. Look forward to hearing from you soon, Heather

ยฃ30Per hour
360Tutor score
0Students helped
Lauren's profile picture

Lauren McGovern

Online lessons

Educated educator making learning easy, specialist in law, psychology & English.

Having degrees in both law and psychology, I have covered a wide breadth of learning in my studies; from the neuroscience to medieval history. My vast general knowledge adds a sprinkle on top of my ability to educate fellow learners. At university level, my skills are finessed in the subjects mentioned within my profile. Below university level, Iโ€™m skilled in allowing others to quickly familiarise the unfamiliar no matter the subject. I am a dab hand at writing applications, too, for university, colleague, jobs and the like.

ยฃ20Per hour
380Tutor score
0Students helped
Daniele's profile picture

Daniele Bauducco

Online lessons

Experienced tutor and undergraduate at University of East London

Hi students! Itโ€™s Daniele Bauducco from Italy! Currently majoring Civil Engineering course at the University of East London. I helped students like you to get their best grades through a program where you awaken the giant within yourself applied to your career path. Lessons take place through ZOOM meeting app every day of the week. Preferred hours: โ€ข 9-12 am / 3-7 pm (Breaks allowed under circumstances) Sessions: โ€ข Morning 1/2/3h โ€ข Afternoon 1/2/3/4h Help 24h Whatsapp Support! Any question about the program through the Scoodle App! โ€œKnowledge is Power!โ€

ยฃ15Per hour
370Tutor score
26Students helped
Tarryn's profile picture

Tarryn Richardson

Online lessons

Coursework and exam support for a range of subjects.

Following my First Class BA Honours in Music and Musical Theatre, I completed a Masters in Creative Writing. Whilst following my ambitions to be a writer, I was struck by how much I enjoy education and how I feel that education is not accessible to everyone. I hope to change this through tutoring and teaching others. I structure my teaching using a student centred approach. In one-to-one sessions I will consider how my student learns; do they like to draw; do colours help them; what previous methods have/have not worked? I will modify my teaching style to the student, rather than asking the learner to fit my mould. Group sessions are pretty similar, although, I generally keep it more broad, trying to find a way everyone can understand, if this is not possible, I will explain the task or topic in a generally understood way and ask the students if they have questions and to explain it to one another. This way I can find out where the gaps in understanding are and I can fill those in a way that is suitable for the learner that has not understood.

ยฃ25Per hour
370Tutor score
22Students helped
Waad's profile picture

Waad Attafi

Online lessons

Experienced tutor and postgraduate medical student at King's College London

I have an degree in Biomedical Sciences from Queen Mary University of London and I am currently pursuing a degree in Medicine MBBS from Kingโ€™s College London. I have 6 years tutoring experience privately, in centres, in schools, academies and sixth forms and have extensive knowledge in study techniques and how to achieve the highest grade possible. I am passionate about teaching, especially science and maths!

ยฃ25Per hour
280Tutor score
0Students helped