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Online Study Skills Tutors

Doreen K.

Resourceful tutor and undergraduate at University of Surrey.

I am passionate about teaching young people and helping them excel. I also have experience in helping students apply for university and jobs. I’ll read over CVs, cover letters and personal statements.

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280tutor score
is available for online tuition
£10per hour
Tan S.

Will to Learn and Strive to Grow

I have always been a tech geek and wanted to take up Computer Science after 12th. But, I took a liking to Biology in 10th and decided to change schools, dropping Mathematics as a subject. I slogged my behind off for 2 years to try to get into MBBS, didn't get through. Now that I had given up maths, Computer Science wasn't a choice anymore. I realized I wasn't actually interested in MBBS, it just seemed like the obvious choice for Biology aspirants. I was stuck between the rock and a hard place. So, I decided to pivot my career into applied sciences. Because I had recognized Biology was my curiosity and not my passion. Picking Forensic Science for my Undergraduate Degree. Here, I understood that I had a knack for problem-solving, but not math-related. The tech geek in me steered into the field of Digital Forensics, learning a thing or two. Then I stumbled onto the. very niche, field of intelligence. Taught myself OSINT & HUMINT to build the skill set of an analyst, and networked with ex-Military Intelligence Analysts. Parallel to this, seeing how I struggled with my career choices, I started an initiative called Conquering Mindset where I am building a healthy environment for youngsters to support each other and discuss these topics. With a modest amount of followers, around 500 collectively, the community is slowly growing. I conduct seminars on Personal Development, Career Choices, and Digital Safety every alternate Sunday. Informing and helping the audience improve themselves and spreading awareness. Safe to say that I don't regret pivoting my career. 🙌

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280tutor score
is available for online tuition
£15per hour
Nour H.

Enthusiastic Fully Qualified Secondary Maths Online Teacher.

I am a fully qualified teacher with PGCE specialising in Secondary Mathematics with experience teaching GCSE/IGCSEs, A level Maths, SATs, Primary and SEN. I also have an MSc in Accounting and Finance and BA in International Business and Globalisation. I have experience working with students with MLD, Maths Anxiety, ASD, ADHD, Dyslexia/Dyscalculia and the Gifted and Talented. I tailor my teaching to suit your style of learning. Whether you need to catch up and a boost to those who are looking a challenge, I'm here to help you gain confidence in your studies and make progress.

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345tutor score
is available for online tuition
actively helped 11+ students
answered 1+ questions
£30per hour
Isabella B.

Working Actor, trained at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama.

I’m an actress working in the British Theatre and Film industry. I gained my place at The Guildhall School of Music and Drama with the guidance of a professional tutor, and would always encourage people to use one. I’ve been a tutor for a few years, and I enjoy sharing the skills I’ve learned with others.

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410tutor score
is available for online tuition
actively helped 17+ students
answered 5+ questions
£25per hour
Katherine K.

Accomplished tutor and who is ready to teach!

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280tutor score
is available for online tuition
£8per hour
Fatima R.

I am very passionate about teaching and have been a qualified teacher since 2011

I am a qualified GCSE and A Level teacher in German and Spanish. I have a PGCE and NQT in both languages. I can teach you the languages from scratch and introduce you to the various cultures too. I have extensively traveled through Spanish-speaking countries, so will be able to introduce you to the different accents and expressions in Spanish. I am also a Lecturer in Sociology and have background in other areas, including social anthropology, anthropology, history, cultural studies, Islamic studies, postcolonial studies and subaltern studies. I have taught undergraduate as well as postgraduate students. I am able to proofread essays and help you structure essays/dissertations if you are an undergraduate or postgraduate student.

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450tutor score
is available for online tuition
actively helped 111+ students
answered 7+ questions
£40per hour
Emma E.

Experienced tutor and undergraduate at University College London (UCL)

Hi, I’m Emma and would be delighted to help you in any subject mentioned below. I’m very dedicated in everything I undertake and speak fluidly 5 languages! I have been tutoring for three years now making me confident in my teaching style and abilities. It is very important for me that the student finds the answers by himself with my guidance rather than merely me giving him the raw answer directly. I am a fun, dynamic and enthusiast teacher that will make you want to work. See you soon in a class!

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360tutor score
is available for online tuition
£20per hour
Cayla A.

Hard-working tutor and who is ready to teach!

I like to teach primary school kids the most but I do also do higher education, I went to UCAS for a few years and finished the course, I am now a school primary school teacher and a nanny. I am also the parent of two wonderful kids, Chelsie age 4 and Callum age 7

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300tutor score
is available for online tuition
actively helped 18+ students
answered 2+ questions
£12per hour
Kaspar B.

Versatile tutor and undergraduate at King's College London

I thrive in communicating with students, able to build connections and share knowledge easily. I pride myself in being able to connect with younger students and have the ability to get along with anyone. This makes it easier for your son/daughter to learn.

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355tutor score
is available for online tuition
£30per hour
Aimee L.

I am here to help you learn and understand things better.

I am a hard worker, who works for all my grades so I know a lot about study skills and what it is like to struggle. I want you to feel comfortable and safe whilst me helping you and never want it to feel awkward.

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335tutor score
1 family made a repeat booking
has 6+ booked hours
is available for online tuition
£6per hour