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Zahra's profile picture

Zahra Ahmed

DBSOnline lessons

Experienced Tutor and Postgraduate Law Student at City, University of London

I am a home and online tutor based in Ilford for KS2, KS3 & GCSE - Maths, English and Science, and A-Level tuition for Maths, English Literature, Law, Psychology and Sociology. Graduate Teaching Assistant at City University. 7 years experience. DBS checked. Currently studying postgraduate law GDL at City University. Strong academic background: 8 As at GCSE, ABBC at A-Level, First Class undergraduate degree - BSc Criminology and Sociology with Quantitative Methods. I provide tuition tailored to the individual child's need on what skills and topics they require to improve. My approach is very focused on building your child's confidence in their academic abilities, and whilst teaching content and exam technique, also equipping your child with study skills that will assist them long into the future. Subjects Taught: - Maths - English - Science - Biology, Chemistry, Physics - Law - Sociology - Psychology - Political Science Tuition Rates: Primary up to GCSE - £11-£15p/h A-Level - £20p/h University level - £25p/h Experience: Core Subjects - Maths, English & Science: I have been tutoring for approximately 7 years now. I have tutored a wide variety of ages and children, particularly I have experience with KS2 SATs preparation for Year 5 & 6 children, and GCSE teaching and technique for Year 9-11, as well as teaching foundation knowledge and consolidating school topics covered in Year 7 and 8. As I have studied English Literature, Maths and Further Maths at A-Level, I am well-placed to teach maths and english sessions. I also have experience teaching GCSE Science sessions and achieved A grades in Biology, Chemistry and Physics at GCSE level myself. Law, Sociology, Psychology, Politics: Having successfully achieved a Distinction in my Undergraduate degree, I secured a Graduate Teaching Assistant role with my University, teaching on a Statistics based Sociology module. Hence, I am well placed to help social science, politics, and psychology students with report writing, essay writing, and research methods at A-Level and University level. I am currently undertaking my postgraduate law conversion course (GDL). Having achieved a Distinction (75%) in formative Land Law coursework, I am able to provide support to Law students at university or A-Level. My approach for law is to take you through core principles and cases, whilst really enabling you to summarise key information and synthesise academic arguments in order to effectively answer problem questions and essays. Online Experience: Due to the current coronavirus situation, all of my tuition lessons have moved online. I have experience tutoring online with Peer Tutor and am familiar with e.g. Liveboard, Skype and have good organisation and plans in place to deliver lessons effectively online. This includes preparation of sessions in advance, emailing resources, and using online platforms like Liveboard e.g. to provide a whiteboard space which both me (the tutor) and your child can see and follow.

£11Per hour
280Tutor score
156Students helped
Emily's profile picture

Emily Whitmore

Online lessons

Oxford grad student and highly resourceful tutor with 12 years of experience.

I’m a sought-after tutor with twelve years of teaching and tutoring experience in Canada, the United Kingdom, Jamaica, Czech Republic, Bahrain, and Ghana. I taught at a private school in Bahrain for six years, and for four of those years I was an IBDP Literature/IBDP Language and Literature teacher whose students not only achieved some of the best results in the school, but achieved results that often exceeded IB world averages. With my experience as an IB teacher, tutor, and examiner, I’m highly attuned to the requirements and expectations of the IB programme; I have a well-rounded understanding from the vantage points of teacher and assessor. I’m in possession of excellent IB materials, resources, and exemplars. Many students have earned 6s and 7s under my tutelage. I can transfer this knowledge and expertise to A-level and GCSE tutoring as well. I’m familiar with 11+ entrance exams and have extensive experience preparing students of all ages for different standardised tests. I instil lifelong study skills in my students. As a certified SAT Associate Supervisor who has administered and invigilated over ten sessions, I have expert knowledge on SAT preparedness, content, time management, and essay writing. I've helped numerous students with their UCAS applications, university interview preparation, and personal statements. For those who are English language learners, I have considerable experience teaching English as a second/foreign language. I’ve prepared students for the IELTS and I’ve helped numerous students in Canada and Czech Republic (of varying levels of English proficiency) with conversational English, grammar instruction, and speaking/listening/writing/reading activities. I’m committed to my pupils’ academic excellence by encouraging their intellectual curiosity. My teaching style fosters independent inquiry, and I pride myself on my passionate, engaging, student-led lessons that empower pupils to take ownership of their learning. I encourage my students to analyse and think critically, and my ultimate goal is to provide students with the analytical tools to continue their studies independently with confidence and conviction.

£25Per hour
220Tutor score
152Students helped
Nerijus's profile picture

Nerijus Sidorovas

Online lessons

Seasoned Mathematics Tutor with years of experience, and a current PhD student

Hello! My name is Nerijus, although you can call me Neri for short. I am a private mathematics tutor in the Sheffield area, who is available for ONLINE and IN-PERSON tuition. In addition, I make challenging A-Level Maths & Further Maths papers for students to practice from. I am a recent Loughborough University graduate (Class of 2020) holding a strong first-class Master of Mathematics degree (MMath). In October 2020, I am starting my PhD in Applied Mathematics back at Loughborough for which I have secured a full 4-year scholarship. My research area concerns developing and analysing extended mathematical models in field of nonlinear wave dynamics using various modern mathematical wave theory techniques, and concepts from fluid mechanics. In addition to my own studies, I enjoy tutoring other students and watching them become competent in a subject that most seem to fear! I decided to begin tutoring and help many struggling GCSE, A-Level, and University students get to grips with their mathematics, and be confident that they are more than able to achieve the highest possible grade in their examinations. Some benefits which I gain from tutoring include developing my own communication skills, retaining certain mathematical knowledge, and simply having the pleasure of impacting on someone’s success in a positive light. Throughout my own academic journey, I have taken upon numerous opportunities to tutor students of different abilities and help them get the grades they wish for. Initially, I began as a non-profit tutor in my own school where I tutored Year 8-11 students, and this involved boosting their confidence in the subject as well as providing new ways to approach problems and solve them. Whilst this opportunity was not as long-term as others, the improvement of the students was clear-cut. Their algebra got much better over time, they started to think laterally about problems, and the topics which once haunted them were no longer an obstacle. In summer of 2016, after some tutoring experience and after receiving my A-Level results, I decided to become a part-time tutor. In turn, I have signed up to several tutoring websites, and slowly began tutoring students in their own homes as well as online. In the most recent academic year 2019-2020, I had the pleasure of tutoring three students on a regular basis. One of which was a Y1 / AS Maths student, another was a Y2 / A2 Maths student, and the third was a second-year university student studying a Mathematics & Statistics course. In 2017, I was granted two opportunities; one of which was to work with an outreach programme titled ‘PATHWAYS Project’ run by a partnership of Leicestershire Universities. This involved being properly trained to be a tutor (safeguarding, teaching approaches, various scenario handling) before being sent off to tutor at two different schools every week. The tutoring largely involved the same approach as before, but now I was able to build more rapport with my tutees, and I often created revision material tailored to the specific students which I tutored. At these schools, I often tutored a small group of students (2-4) which were identified by the schools to require the most improvement in the subject. The second opportunity was ultimately the same, but run by Loughborough University closer to the exam season, whereby I was sent to help tutor larger groups of students as part of their final revision push before exams in the Swadlincote area. All this has given me plenty of experience and teaching knowledge that I apply to every session I run. In total, I have tutored for over 400 hours in the last few years. My teaching style has also been refined over this period, and I usually like to dedicate first sessions to building rapport with my tutees, discussing which topics they want to focus on, how confident they are at the beginning of tutoring, and then plan my lessons in advance accordingly. Occasionally, I like to ask for small, informal feedback in the sessions to make sure my tutees are happy with the service they are provided. This is to ensure that I do not go too fast or too slow, and that we don’t leave behind any misunderstood topics. How does tuition work? I provide a personal Google Drive link where all the resources we cover are uploaded and can be viewed at your leisure. Online sessions are done via Skype (or Zoom), and I use my tablet to write any mathematics we discuss. These notes are uploaded to Google Drive for you by the end of the day.

£25Per hour
210Tutor score
Sabrina's profile picture

Sabrina Tutoring

Online lessons

Excellent Civil Engineering student offering A level Maths & Sciences support

I am a civil engineering student and I studied Maths, Physics and Chemistry as my A level subjects, from which I got outstanding results, A*AA. This led me to studying civil engineering at a Russell Group Uni - Warwick University! I am also working at the same time at a big Engineering company as an Assistant Civil Engineer. My excellent academic career has nurtured in me a natural talent for teaching. My experiences have taught me how to tackle one problem at a time, and I believe that using this approach—paired with my unconventional examples that force students to think outside the box—I can truly provide an excellent understanding and explanation. One of the main reasons you are seeing this ad is that I really enjoy teaching Maths, numbers and everything that has to do with it, because every day, every step is Maths, believe me! Also, I am very dedicated to making others understand it better and change their attitude towards this subject, as I hear many people say they 'hate it'. So, if that is you, you're in the right place! I also love teaching Sciences as they communicate us the way the universe is created and why everything happens! The first time I realised that people understand the way I explain things, was with my friends; sometimes they would understand me better than the teacher and I have volunteered at school and other organizations to teach other students. Most of the students I have taught were university students who struggled with the Engineering Mathematics modules, Structural Mechanics etc. I have taught A level/BTEC/KS3/KS4 students too!

£20Per hour
210Tutor score
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