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Jerome Trompelt

Experienced tutor and undergraduate at university of Leipzig

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Hi, I'm Jerome

Hi! My name is Jerome and nearly 40 years ago, I was born in a small town in East Germany. I have been living in London for three years now and after working for companies like Mercedes-Benz and Google Maps, I now want to spend some time to help learners of the German language to practice their skills and keep them from going mad at our articles and never ending nouns. Not to mention our specialty ä; ö and ü. At university I took 3 semester of German as a foreign language which gave me some basics how to explain the pitfalls of this language. Later I taught English in Thailand and Indonesia. If you want to go deep into grammar or just chat away some time over coffee, choose me as your tutor and I’ll give my best for you to study and have some fun at the same time. Hope to see you soon and bis bald

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