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Hello! I’m Jiaqi, a master student studying Arts Management at Manchester. I received my BA degree in English Literature and American Studies at the University of Manchester and I also hold a BA degree in English Language and Literature at Zhejiang University, a top-3 University in China. I’m a native Mandarin speaker and proficient in English. I'm very enthusiastic about teaching Mandarin and sharing Chinese culture. I have rich experience in tutoring both in China and the UK, and I believe my academic background and former work experience have fully equipped me with relevant skills. My course English Literature and American Studies has developed not only my proficient English language skills but also good understanding and critical thinking skills, which have enabled me to fully comprehend different people in various situations, and quickly generate appropriate response and resolutio...Learn more

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English Literature and American Studies - 2.1 (2016 - 2018)

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